Patricia Uceda


Tonight strives to capture magic of 80s

Take Me Home Tonight is the latest 80s throwback film that focuses on a crazy weekend party in a similar vein to Superbad, including everything from drug usage to car crashes. While it’s great at paying homage to that iconic era and generating feelings of nostalgia, it falls short of being a memorable comedy because of its mediocre jokes, predictable ending and overstated themes of adulthood-phobia.


Four thrills movie-goers

D.J. Caruso’s latest thriller I Am Number Four doesn’t waste any time; the audience is immediately plunged into the action with the chilling murder of Number 3 in the middle of a tropical jungle. From there we are introduced to our main character, Number 4, played by Alex Pettyfer, who is apparently one of nine children saved from the far away planet Lorien after an evil alien race called the Mogadorians destroys the planet.