Hank Whitson


Dragon*Con delights escapists of every stripe

This year the Con ran from Friday Sept. 2 to Labor Day, and was spread across five hotels. The Con’s events were divided into forty different “Fan Tracks,” or programming groups focused on diverse interests like alternate history, British sci-fi media, young adult literature, Star Wars and writing workshops. Each of these tracks averaged ten to 12 events each day including readings, fan discussions, panels and screenings.


Insidious, incident of clutter

One can tell director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannel love supernatural horror films. They love creepy kids, haunted houses, spirit mediums, ghosts, demons and exorcisms. They love them all so very much that they could not bear to choose between them. Instead, they decided to make Insidious, a movie that incorporates all of the above.


Sucker Punch misses mark with poor plot

Zack Snyder has developed a reputation known for his film adaptations of comic books that are as visually striking and unsubtle as neon pink jackhammers. Sucker Punch is the most “Snyderian” film to date, having been directed, produced and co-written by the 45-year old comic auteur. So grab some popcorn, turn up your eyeballs and check your brain at the door.