tips & tricks Olympic broadcasts

By Ian Bailie
Focus Editor
With the Olympics a week away, it’s time students take a look at the Olympic broadcast schedule to ensure they catch the events they want.

Watch the Peacock
NBC is the exclusive television broadcaster of the Olympics in the U.S. The Georgia Tech Cable Network (GTCN) broadcasts NBC and NBC HD on channels 10 and 10.1, respectively.

In addition to television coverage, NBC plans to broadcast all events, live, online. Mobile apps for both iOS and Android phones and tablets are also available.
NBC requires online viewers to register and prove they hold a current media subscription that includes access to CNBC and MSNBC (e.g. cable or satellite).
Students will not be able to use the GTCN as that subscription. GTCN is provided in bulk, so individual credentials needed by NBC do not exists. Up to eight devices and five concurrent streams per registered account are permitted though. So, feel free to use a family member’s account.