Campus changed by Olympic village construction

By Ian Bailie
Focus Editor
During the 1996 Centennial Olympics, Georgia Tech served as the Olympic Village. In addition to the honor of hosting Olympic athletes, Tech received several new campus elements that have become fixtures in the everyday lives of current students.
The Aquatic Center
The Aquatic Center was Designed by the architectural firm Stanley, Love-Stanley, P.C, which was founded by two Tech graduates. In addition to hosting the Olympic swimming events, the roof was used to test photo voltaic cells. Today, the grid provides electricity to meet 30 percent to 40 percent of the building’s needs.
The Kessler Campanile
Funded by the Class of ‘43, the Kessler Campanile served as a centerpiece for what the “Georgia Tech Plaza.” The fan of water in front of the tower was designed to serve as a projection screen, and the upper basin can be drained to serve as a stage. Though currently silent, the fountain also played songs such as Tech’s fight song.
Alexander Memorial Coliseum
Currently under renovations, Alexander Memorial Coliseum was served as the venue for the Olympic boxing competition. The McDonald’s Corporation helped bear the costs of that project, and consequently, operated a full-service restaurant in the facility. The addition of the “Golden Arches” proved controversial.
North Avenue Apartments
The North Avenue Apartments (NAA) were built as a major part of the Olympic Village. On-campus projects provided 9,384 beds for Olympic athletes and officials and NAA played a major role in providing part of that space. Given to Georgia State immediately after the Games, Tech gained control of the facility in 2007.