Dance group event violates JFC policy

Undergraduate Treasurer Matthew Vickers told undergraduate representatives that JFC had mandated a student organization save the profit from an SGA-sponsored event for future use by that organization, instead of donating the money to charity. Using SGA funds to sponsor an event giving money to charity is against JFC policy.

The event in question was Qurbani’s and Ramblin’ Raas’ “A-town Showdown,” held at the Georgia World Conference Center on Feb. 4. The groups had planned to donate the proceeds from their event to CARE, an organization that fights global poverty.

The organizations said they were unaware that their event was violating policy and blamed the confusion to a lack of communication between SGA and the hosting organizations.

“I think it’s a problem from both sides. I guess it’s their fault for not telling us, and it’s our fault for not looking it up beforehand,” said Kishan Bhula, co-captain of Ramblin’ Raas.