Paintball club receives tournament funding

The Paintball Club received funds they had previously requested for an upcoming tournament. After being postponed due to some controversy, the bill was passed, providing the Paintball Club with funding to be used for field fees and paint. The majority of the funds went to paint due to the amount required for practices and competitions.

Legislators had previously expressed concerns about the amount of funding the club was already receiving. Instead of requesting for an entire semester, the club had approached SGA for funds for individual events, causing some of the confusion. Furthermore, the club had reduced its semester dues by $100, cutting into the income that would have been used to help fund these events.

However, representatives noted the progress made by the organization this year in becoming sustainable.

An original bill was submitted at the beginning of the Fall 2011 semester and, after failing to pass, was revised and resubmitted. The bill was eventually passed with only some disagreement after amendments by GSS.