Greek funding trips up Tech Beautification Day bill

In preparation for the fourteenth annual Tech Beautification Day, the organization requested extra funding in anticipation of more volunteers and necessary supplies.

A suggestion was made that Greek housing, while technically private property, should still be included in the campus service event because of its presence of campus. This suggestion sparked much debate, and many representatives felt that improving the aesthetic appeal of the Greek Sector would benefit all students, not just those involved in Greek activites.

It was also mentioned that many of the yards of the Greek sector were extremely unattractive, something that potential Tech students could take into account when making their college decisions. However, other representatives remained steadfast in their opposition against providing funding for Greek-specific projects because of their standing as private property.

Ultimately, UHR amended the bill without striking funding for the beautification of Greek property. The bill passed in both UHR and GSS but will go to conference committee before voting occurs on a final version.