UHR holds retreat, SGA hears bills

Airsoft Club

UHR representatives debated the bill for quite some time, particularly in allocating money to a sports club that was not involved in any competitions. However, a few representatives supported the bill, citing previous bill approvals by the SGA to organizations of a similar nature, such as GT Musicians. The GSS debated the necessity of funding to be allotted to off-campus storage, but ultimately concluded that such funding was necessary given that no equipment resembling a weapon can be stored anywhere on campus.

Climbing Club

Heavy debate ensued for this bill in both houses, which was a request for funds to buy equipment for the climbing club and  membership to a local rock wall facility. Many representatives found the request for an annual membership excessive, considering that the CRC offered a rock wall as well. However, the organizational representative explained the insufficiencies of the facilities offered by the CRC for their level of advanced rock climbing, which they said were more useful for novice rock climbers.

Other representatives and senators wanted to strike line items that requested funding for shoes, chalk, and other various items required to properly rock climb – and these line items, which were struck at GSS, were subsequently removed by UHR because of their availability to the club at the rental facility.

Undergraduate Retreat

UHR held its spring retreat after its meeting on Tuesday. Representatives heard presentations from Joint Finance Committee Chair Charley Crosson and Treasurer Matt Vickers to prepare for the passage of the Student Activity Fee Budget later this semester.

Representatives also met in small focus groups to brainstorm activities for the upcoming semester, focusing particularly on communication.

“We’re a singular organization and we need a singular goal,” said BC Rep. Grace Stephens.