Get healthy with Stamps Health Center

If you’ve ever been sick, needed a flu shot or a routine check-up while on campus, you’ve probably been to Stamps Health Center. Though known for the unlimited doctor visits and cheap medication, the health center offers much more than treating the ill.

“We do offer a wide variety of services beyond primary care,” said Dr. Gregory Moore, Senior Director of Stamps Health Services. Students may be surprised to learn that there is a women’s health clinic, an on staff dietician, a psychiatry department and that the center is capable of performing small surgeries.

“Our Psychiatry clinic is staffed by three board-certified psychiatrists,” Moore said. “They see students with all kinds of mental health issues and are very knowledgeable and experienced.”

Students may visit the Psychiatry clinic for free limited times per semester, or attend group sessions. These appointments may easily be made online to fit in with student schedules. In case of emergencies, there is always a counselor on call.

The Health Promotion department offers the services of a registered dietician.

“Angie Garcia works in our Health Promotion department seeing both individual students and groups who have dietary concerns,” said Moore.

Garcia’s services include nutritional consultations, working with the multidisciplinary eating disorders team, and helping students choose healthy lifestyle choices. A 50-minute consultation with Garcia is $5 and highly specialized for each student.

A larger portion of Stamps Health Center is home to the Women’s Health Clinic. Here, women may have annual exams, STD screenings, or meet with the Obstetrician-Gynecologist. Like all Stamps appointments, the Women’s Health Clinic is often able to meet students that day.

Older students may recall the dental services Georgia Tech used to offer. This service will be returning this semester.

“We are very excited about the reopening of our dental clinic scheduled this spring where students can get the full range of dental services,” said Moore.

Stamps offers tips to relieve stress and information online that can help students make a healthy adjustment to college. Everything Stamps offers is also explained in detail on the site.

All of these services are covered by the $154 annual health fee included in tuition. This fee pays for the board-certified doctors, free or subsidized appointments and medications along with anything a health center would need.

With the conclusion of the recent renovation last year, Stamps Health Center is working hard to offer students opportunities and great care. Next time you’re leaving the CRC take a peek in and see what else the Stamps Health Center has to offer.