Campus Crime, 04/08/11

Fecal fiasco

On the afternoon of March 31, police were dispatched to the Weber building at the request of Tech staff member. The staff member reported to the police officer that a person apparently intentionally defecated next to a toilet in the men’s bathroom. The feces were then moved to the sink. The staff member also stated that the thermostat was also ripped out of the wall.

The staff member stated that the call was placed because this was the second instance of improper behavior to take place in that bathroom within two weeks. The first instance involved a person drawing female genitalia on the bathroom stall and writing a vulgar statement to accompany the drawing.

Dance no more

GTPD was called to the North Avenue Apartment complex after a student made threats with a pocket knife to a group of students participating in a dance class on the first floor of the North building on the evening of March 31.

The subject approached the door of the room, which was locked, then preceded to pound on the door and demanded to be allowed entrance to the room. One of the persons participating in the class complied at which point the subject told the group to be quiet and “stop the stomping.” When a member of the class approached the subject to calm the person down, the subject drew a four- to five-inch pocket knife and made a threatening gesture at the mid-section of the class participant.

The subject suggested that he would be happy to harm any member of the group who tried subduing him.

GTPD then made contact with housing staff, and then went to the subject’s room. The subject claimed he made threatening gestures because he felt threatened by the member of the class who approached him.

The subject was placed under arrest and transported to Fulton County Jail.


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