Hot-or-Not, 03/11/11

HOT: Going out on top

While victories were far-and-few-between during this season, the men’s basketball team was able to deliver one last victory at AMC on Sunday. The win allowed fans to remember all the great memories the program has had in its home of over 50 years. Let us hope that Tech fans will have just as many great memories in years to come at McCamish Pavilion.


The State Senate passed a slightly different version of the HOPE reform bill, and the House and the Governor are all on-board with the changes made. What was once a hallmark of the state to promote higher education has become a caveat riddled version of its original form. This bill is just another sign of the state’s lack of concern for higher education.

HOT: Awareness warranted

The annual Take Back the Night Ceremony was held on the IC Lawn this year. This powerful event is an invaluable asset to campus and brings to light the problem of sexual assault. This generally taboo discussion was articulated passionately by speakers who are survivors of sexual assault themselves. All students should take time to attend this event while at Tech.

NOT: Scavenging screw-up

While most people on campus were probably unaware that RHA was holding a scavenger hunt on Friday, those in the Technique office were not so lucky. Even though some on staff would beg to differ, the Technique office is officially a place of work. If RHA would like to include our office in a scavenger hunt in the future, we recommend they ask first so we can say “No.”


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