Hot-or-Not, 03/04/11

HOT: Dy-no-mite
The Roosevelt House had a grand exit on Sunday morning, dropping faster than some North African regimes. One request: in the future, please set the building demolition to be later in the day. Often times, college students partake in festivities on Saturday night that keep them out late and make them hyper-sensitive to loud sounds on Sunday mornings. Please be courteous.

NOT: HOPEfully not
Governor Nathan Deal’s proposal to fix HOPE is making its way through the Georgia General Assembly. While the GPA requirement to keep full tuition was lowered from the initial 3.5 in the proposal to a 3.3, the lack of a grandfather clause for current recipients still makes the fix a lousy one for students. Luckily, there is still time for the state Senate to fix these errors.

HOT: North Ave-view
The plan to improve the streetscape of North Avenue is a much needed safety and cosmetic change for the south end of campus. With the anticipated increase in traffic to the new dining hall, this project is more important than ever. Going to class is enough; having to dodge the splashing rain water from cars, and sometimes the cars themselves, is just overkill.

NOT: Panther pounce
When a Tech team loses to an in-state rival, fans normally have the luxury of the other team being an hour-plus drive away and out of sight, not a few blocks down the road in downtown. The baseball team’s rocky start got even bumpier when the Jackets fell to Georgia State on Wednesday. At least Tech will have a chance at redemption later in the season.


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