CRC commandeers CULC crane

The giant crane in the middle of Yellow Jacket Park being used in the construction of the Clough Undergraduate Learning Center (CULC) has been commandeered by the CRC. Affectionately known as the “G. Wayne Clough Construction Crane (GCC),” or “Big Buzz,” it has developed a large following, even spawning a Facebook fan page. Some want to climb it and others proclaim its superiority over other cranes.

“I like Big Buzz and I cannot lie, it’s something that all you other Techies can’t deny,” said Lex Titchell, a fourth year CMPE.

Well, one of those wishes is now going to come true for sure. The Campus Recreation Center (CRC) is announcing a new program, “Jump into Learning.” Students can now bungee-jump off the top of the GCC.

The program will be perfect for relieving stress, or just in between classes, as there is nothing like a good thrill for energy. As finals approach, students will undoubtedly look for a stress reliever. “So many Tech students were willing to jump off a 100 foot zip line, we figured we could get hundreds to launch themselves off a 300-foot bungee jumping platform. We expect it to become a real revenue source in these trying economic times, plus great entertainment for people bored in the library” said CRC Czar John Doosh.

The program is free for CRC members, with a nominal fee of $15 for guests and campus visitors who just cannot resist hurling themselves towards the ground while attacked to a springy rope. however, jumps are by appointment only.

This will definitely be a popular attraction, so schedule your jump today. You can go one at a time, or in groups up to three.

Because the GCC is over 100 feet long, there are several takeoff points for jumps, making races and competition inevitable. Students will undoubtedly race each other to the ground, making suits and shields to make themselves more aerodynamic.

Clearly, aerospace majors will always win, although industrial design students have already registered a team in the first group diving contest that is expected to have a formidable showing. “We have been doing industrial fashion shows for years, it was only a matter of time until our design skills went into aerodynamic diving suits,” said fourth-year ID Britney Feers.

This program is perfect for those who have never bungee-jumped before because it is really really high. From the top of the GCC it is difficult to make out the ground, so worrying about hitting something there does not come to mind.

There is talk of putting an above ground pool at the base of the GCC for the diving team so they can practice from such great heights. Undoubtedly they will have to be careful climbing up the GCC while wet. The insurance policies have already been updated, requiring a $300 hike in tuition and an updated super crazy awesome insurance policy.