Technique: 98 years in the making

The ‘Nique, as we call ourselves, had its humble beginnings on Nov. 17, 1911. Apparently, we were just as preoccupied back then as we are now with our football rivalry against UGA­—our first issue revolved around an upcoming game against our old foe (a game that we won, incidentally), and featured an article by legendary coach John Heisman.

At the time, we were only Tech’s second student newspaper (The Georgia Tech beat us to the title of “first student newspaper”), but since The Georgia Tech merged with our publication in 1916, and it was our name that survived, we like to pride ourselves on being Tech’s longest-running student paper. We have chronicled everything from the first appearance of George P. Burdell on Tech’s rosters in 1920 to the peaceful, non-court-ordered desegregation of the Institute in 1961. And of course, we have kept up faithful coverage of Tech sporting events, including the 222-0 whopper of a football victory (the largest margin of victory in history) over Cumberland College in 1916.

Today, we publish biweekly during the summer and weekly during the fall and spring, with the exception of “Dead Week,” finals week and Spring Break. Around 30 students keep our paper running, and of course, we always welcome new writers, photographers and editors.