Ninety-nine things to do before you graduate

A time-honored Technique tradition.

1.Wear your RAT cap.

2.Ride the elevator to the top of the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel. It rotates.

3.Eat at Junior’s and wonder why Tommy isn’t in charge of all campus dining.

4.Buy a class ring. The year can be changed.

5.Drop a class.

6.Stand in line.

7.Go to the top of the Student Center and watch the sun set or rise.

8.Go to the beach, any beach will do.

9.Visit Career Services before your senior year.

10.Blow off homework for a date (or a video game).

11.Pull an all-nighter, as if you have a choice.

12.Read at least one Technique from cover to cover.

13.Wander aimlessly around campus after being shafted by your last exam.

14.Run past a tour group screaming “The Horror! The Horror!”

15.Complain about Auxiliary Services. Choose from parking, housing, dining, ect.

16.Meet the waitress at Waffle House at 4 a.m.

17.Count her teeth and play the Waffle House song.

18.Fall asleep on your keyboardddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.

19.Go to a fraternity rush party and claim to be from Enu, Alaska.

20.Work for the Technique, or at least come to a meeting. Free pizza!

21.Climb on one of the magnolia trees near the Campanile.

22.During senior year, show up for your last lab or final hammered. Don’t blame us for the consequences.

23.Dance. Dance publicly and wildly. Ignore the laughter.

24.Call your parents and beg for money.

25.Call Financial Aid and beg for money.

26.Go to North Ave and beg for money.

27.Build a wreck for Homecoming. Personal vehicles do not count.

28.Pick up a guy or girl in the Library East Commons.

29.Light sparklers in your on-campus apartment to celebrate New Year’s.

30.Run in the Freshman Cake Race. Senator Sam Nunn did, and look what it did for his career!

31.Compete in the Mini-500 tricycle race. Try to avoid causing a mass collision.

32.Shove a large metal, beer-distributing object in your dorm room. When it’s empty, pass out.

33.Vote in the SGA election. It’s important to choose the people who spend your activity fee for you.

34.Put on the Freshman Fifteen.

35.Work out at the CRC to lose the Freshman Fifteen.

36.Date someone from another school.

37.Imagine your roommate is getting paid to ruin your life.

38.Realize that your profs are, in fact, getting paid to ruin your life.

39.Give Dean Stein, or any other administrator, a hug. Tell him or her that the ‘Nique sent you.

40.Complain about construction on campus.

41.As a consequence of #40, use Dijkstra’s Algorithm to find the shortest path to your classes.

42.Eat Easy Mac and/or Ramen noodles five times in a given week.

43.Wait 10 minutes for a Stinger when it would only take five to walk to class

44.Watch three red routes line up under the North Ave Stinger stop before a blue route passes by.

45.Get some free condoms. Use when appropriate (guys and gals).

46.Successfully appeal a parking ticket.


48.Go to Under the Couch.

49.Take a nap in between classes in the Music Listening Room. All the tour guides say it’s all the rage at Tech.

50.Join SGA.

51.Quit SGA.

52.Wish you were home (not too much in your freshman year¬-it looks bad).

53.Streak during Midnight Madness, but don’t get caught by the GTPD.

54.Go to every Tech home game during one football season.

55.Road trip to at least one away game. While there, try to convince the public address announcer to page George P. Burdell.

56.Take the Stinger to the CRC.

57.Decide not to go to the CRC when the Stinger doesn’t arrive on time.

58.Drink “Hunch Punch”.

59.Take asprin and reconsider #58.

60.Skip class as a result of a headache caused by #58.

61.Spend a semester on campus and go to Flicks on Fifth.

62.Join one of the Student Center Program Councils.

63.Have a conversation with someone on a bench on Skiles Walkway.

64.Go to Athens. This is a No Brain Zone. Plan to stay the night.

65.Go down to Savannah for St. Patrick’s Day.

66.Ask a professor to lunch.

67.Ask a professor to happy hour.

68.Have a conversation with the Dean Griffin statue until someone notices. Then stare back like he or she is the weird one.


70.Learn the words to “Up With the White and Gold.”

71.Break up, then make up, with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

72.Learn the story of Sideways the dog.

73.Register for a class that is taught in Tech Square, knowing full well you can’t possibly get back on campus in time for your next class.

74.Go more than one week without showering.

75.Change your major.

76.Take a final. When you’re finished, immediately change your major.

77.Talk to a Management major about their classes. Immediately change your major.

78.Get your picture made with the Ramblin’ Wreck.

79.Relax in the green space, or what’s left of it, on campus.

80.Think about transferring to U[sic]GA.

81.Wake up. It was only a bad dream.

82.Get lost while driving in Atlanta. Curse the plethora of roads named “Peachtree.”

83.Make friends, or visit old ones, at Georgia State or Emory.

84.Make a late night trip to Wingnuts with said friends. Free half-pound on Wednesday!

85.Go to East Side Market and wonder how they can charge so much money on the basis of “convenience.”

86.Sleep on your or your hallmate’s floor by accident.

87.Play trivia at Rocky Mountain Pizza, Fifth Street Ribs and Blues, or anywhere for that matter.

88.Form an intramural sports team with your friends.

89.Sit at the Campanile and wonder if the fountains will ever be turned back on.

90.Bowl at the newly renovated Tech Rec.

91.Figure out why differential equations are important things to know.

92.Discover why the lights are always on in the Architorture building.

93.Visit a friend in the Architorture building. Take a care package of No-Doz and Red Bull.

94.Eat too many “Naked Dogs” from the “V.” Vow never to eat there again.

95.Express every opinion you’ve ever had on every newsgroup.

96.Discover that your roommate is not nearly as obnoxious now that he or she has Word.

97.Work with a professor on a research project for a semester, summer or a week.

98.Walk into a final and say, “What the hell is this crap? And where is the regular guy?”

99.Concoct, but don’t enact, a plan to steal a ‘T’ off Tech Tower.