HOW TO: Use campus resources

It’s freshman year and the start of your next four, five or more years at Tech. It’s the first semester of your attempts to “get out” and after a relaxing and hopefully exciting summer. With all the information swirling around, it is hard to keep all the information in one place.

First, the most important is classes. Though scheduling was completed at FASET, you might not have all the information about your classes or teachers. Thank goodness for Student Government! Not only does the website offer Course Critique, very useful GPA data on Tech faculty, it also contains information about elections. Phone: 404-894-2814. Website:

The Registrar’s website holds information on Tech catalogs, core curriculum, degree information, exam schedules and guidelines and calendars. Grading calculations and the Schedule of Classes can also be found here. Phone: 404-894-4150. Website:

Pertaining to living arrangements, if you are on-campus, freshmen should use Housing’s website for all information needed on pricing, student jobs, check-in/out information and the Freshman Experience. Phone: 404-894-2470. Website:

Coming to Tech would not be possible without money. With unemployment on the rise and the economy’s dire situation, knowing your options on paying for school is key. The Financial Aid Office clearly explains the types of financial aid, the process and requirements. Just don’t forget dates to turn in any important information. In addition, the Bursar’s website has a great calendar to keep students aware of pending payment dates. It also includes billing and tuition information. Financial Aid – Phone: 404-894-4160. Website: Bursar Office – Phone: 404-894-4681. Website:

Now for spending money, you have the BuzzCard. To review or manage BuzzCard accounts or questions, students should use the contact information listed on the BuzzCard website. The website also holds information on laundry and vending machine refunds. Phone: 404-894-2899. Website:

Coming to Tech can be daunting with the knowledge of the school’s reputation and the workload associated with it. Therefore, Tech offers numerous academic programs that freshmen can utilize, such as OMED, the Student Success Center, and Tech’s academic advisors.

The Office of Minority Education Department (OMED) facilitates the retention of the underrepresented Hispanic, Native American and African American students. However, OMED offers extended tutoring and review sessions for Calculus, Physics, Computer Science and other demanding courses for all Tech students. OMED also offers study groups of five or more students in the larger introductory courses and higher specialized courses. In this program, students work with faculty members, graduate students and former teaching assistants. For information on study groups contact Jarrad Reddick at [email protected]. Phone: 404-894-3959. Website:

Success Programs offers tutoring such as One-to-One Tutoring and Peer Led Undergraduate Study (PLUS). One-to-One tutoring offers one-hour sessions with students. PLUS is led by students who have completed difficult classes. These leaders attend the class with the students and meet during the week. These two programs can definitely reinforce difficult concepts in Computer Science or Calculus.

Success Programs also offers workshops on time management, study skills, test preparation, learning styles and others. Academic Coaching, a skills workshop program, offers an opportunity for students to meet with coaches on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to work with their development in study and time management. For more information on these programs, their schedules and to make appointments, go to

Apart from tutors, freshmen should contact faculty advisors through the advising website or by phone. Students should make appointments online to meet with their advisors concerning schedules, career ambitions and other questions. To find your advisor’s contact information and to schedule an appointment, go to

Once freshmen grades have come in, students should contact Career Services for possible internships and jobs. On the main page, the events calendar lists resume, job and interview workshops along with the Majors Fair (November 3, Student Center Ballroom) and the Career Fair (September 14-15, CRC). Other events and services offered included posting resumes, searching for jobs, offering events and service. Students can create and their own account and post resumes, search and apply for jobs, and sign up for interviews. Phone: 404-894-2550. Website:

School shouldn’t be all work and no play. Freshmen and late-bloomng students can join the Georgia Tech community through student organizations, fraternities, and sororities.

The Office of Student Involvement showcases Tech’s over 400 student organizations. You will be able to sift through the categories of sport clubs, culture and diversity organizations and others. If you can’t find an organization, there is information on starting your own organization with the documents and procedures clearly stated. The website also includes leadership and financial tips for clubs. Website:

For a full list of Offices and Departments, students can use the website. It includes websites, faxes, telephone numbers, and directory listings. In addition, the campus map, found on the institute web site can help freshmen find building locations.


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