HOW TO: Eat for free on campus

With the amount of free food one can get in the first two weeks, it is probably harder to go hungry than to not. Here are just some of the places you can go when you first arrive at Tech.

RATS Week: Any sort of free food is available here every day of the week. You can get Krispy Kremes, pizza, cheesecake and other sorts of foods at the various events hosted by the organizations. Make sure to check out the website for a full list of events .

Fraternity Rush: This might be the best opportunity to get the best food possible while meeting other people. Food can range from the standard bar be que fare of hot dogs and burgers to the much more awesome and tasty steaks and crab cakes.

PL’s: A PL has a programming budget to host some sort of meet-and-greet with all the people in your hall with some food. If the PL is not doing this, bother him/her until you get the free food. If it gets to the end of the semester, increase the amount of time bothering the PL to make sure the opportunity is not wasted.

Freshman Socials: FAB, freSGhA and FC are just some of the groups hosting events to get freshmen to know each other better. The food is different at every social, so just show up to see what you can get.

Major Socials: If you are part of the more decisive group of people who already know their majors or just want to learn more about a certain type of major and the people pursuing it, you should go to these major socials.

Caribbean Party: Following convocation there will be the 17th Annual Caribbean Party.

Beyond the two weeks it gets a little harder but there is still a way to get free food almost every day of the week. Be careful not to appear to just be a moocher at all of these organizations and groups as that is a sure way to stop free food in the future.

The Technique: Guaranteed free Papa John’s every week on Tuesday and Thursday for writer’s meetings and photo meetings, respectively. While this is a sure-fire way to feed yourself both days, not taking an assignment will get you dirty looks.

Tailgate: Most organizations have some sort of tailgate to accommodate and feed the freshmen before football games. Read your emails from these groups and come out on Saturday to support Tech while eating food.

EE: There are regular speakers from famous companies to speak about possible career paths and new products. It is always at a time not conflicting with regular classes and there will always be Papa John’s. Even better, there are usually free donuts on Friday morning in Van Leer.

AIChE: Local restaurants sponsor a lecture by a company. You sit through the lecture and then you can enjoy some of the best food in Atlanta.

Finals Week: There is never such thing as an “easy” finals week. To assist with the stress, Tech provides free food each midnight of finals week, where one is supposed to scream away one’s stress. There is also Midnight Breakfast, when professors serve students free breakfast at night during dead week.