Best of Tech: Around Campus

Best Concert Venue: Tabernacle

Student Pick: Tabernacle

The Tabernacle hosts a variety of musicians from the Wu-Tang Clan to Lifehouse to Ingrid Michaelson. Formerly a hospital and Baptist church, the Tabernacle boasts beautiful interior architecture, from its sweeping balconies to its wood-crafted stage. Not to mention, its cheap ticket prices for general floor admission make it easy for fans to rock out to their favorite artists.

Best Place to Party: Local Clubs/Bars

Student Pick: Greek Houses

Although you must be 21 to drink, several clubs invite those who are 18 and older to dance the night away. Whether clubbing at Opera, Fever or Verve, students can make the most of this city by looking beyond campus when looking for a fun place to spend a Friday night.

Best Celebrity Visit: Jim Cramer

Student Pick: Jerry Springer

Booyah! Stock market guru Cramer brought his show Mad Money to the College of Management in October, putting Tech in the national spotlight and giving useful financial advice to students.

Best Campus Event: GT Night at Six Flags

Student Pick: Homecoming

Two words: roller coasters. Need we say more? GT Night at Six Flags is especially great because you can get discounted tickets and shorter lines, since the park is reserved just for Tech students.

Best Place for an Afternon Nap: MLR

Student Pick: MLR

The Music Listening Room is a haven for the weary: there’s comfy couches, ambient music, less people and dimmer light. If you need to relax before heading to your next class, the MLR is a solid choice.

Best On-Campus Transportation: Your Feet

Student Pick: Your Feet

While not as fast as the Stingers or trolley but much more dependable, your feet are always good for getting around. Plus, you never have to wait for them to show up.

Worst On-Campus Transportation: Stinger

Student Pick: Stinger

Waiting for a Stinger to take you across campus in time for class? Don’t count on it; Stingers are notoriously unreliable. Unless you enjoy waiting around forever, try walking.

Best On-Campus Eatery: Junior’s Grill

Student Pick: Junior’s Grill

Junior’s has been around since 1948 and serves the juiciest burgers and best chicken fingers that Tech has to offer. It also has excellent service, competitive prices and an ideal location near Tech Tower.

Worst On -Campus Eatery: SC Food Court

Student Pick: Brittain

The Student Center Food Court may have variety, but the prices are high and the lines long. You’re likely to be done with your food by the time you pay for it, and good luck trying to find a table at lunch time.

Best Late Night Food: Chinese

Student Pick: Pizza

Pizza is so common, and you can find it at any campus event or dining hall—try some exotic flavors from the East. Always a refreshing change of pace, Chinese food is easily the best bet for those late-night munchies.

Best Coffee On Campus: Jazzman’s

Student Pick: Starbucks

An oasis for the studious, Jazzman’s provides coffee, smoothies, sandwiches and desserts to keep you sharp and sane.

Worst Weather-Related Event: Downtown Tornado

Student Pick: Drought

Even though we weren’t affected by it on campus, the downtown tornado was still the worst in a year of bad weather. Almost a month after the event, people traveling northbound to Tech can still see the defaced Westin and Equitable buildings, looking like puzzles that lost some pieces. The drought was a close second (we missed swimming in the Campanile).