Best of Tech: Academics

Best Place to Study: Flag Building

Student Pick: Library

The staff’s favorite study spot is the Flag building, which often gets overlooked by other students. There are no computers or book stacks, but the environment is much quieter. If you’re looking for somewhere to study without a lot of chatter and background noise, this is the prime spot. The only drawback is that it closes at 10 p.m., so you’ll have to be there by then or risk getting locked out for the night.

Worst Place to Study: Dining Hall

Student Pick: Dining Hall

The unanimous pick for worst place to study is the dining hall (any of them). On top of bad food, it’s a terrible place to study, especially if you don’t have an unlimited meal plan—you’d be wasting a meal to hit the books. Plus, it’s noisy, crowded, dirty, and has suspiciously smelly bathrooms. If you want to study while you eat, go to Tech Square, where you can get good food, GTWireless and some peace and quiet.

Best Bet for an A: GT 1000

Student Pick: GT 1000

GT 1000 is our best bet for an easy A. This isn’t surprising. What do you do in this class? Show up, write a resume, learn about your major, doze off, check email, do homework for your real classes…. Finish these things, and you get a guaranteed A! It’s a nice way to pad your GPA a bit before you hit the hard stuff in your major. The bad news? It’s only worth one credit hour.

Worst Bet for an A: Health

Student Pick: Physics I

Health has topped Physics this year as our worst bet for an A. Honestly, you should know by now that when you sign up for Physics it won’t be easy. Health, on the other hand, is traditionally graded online and should be a snooze and cruise class. Not anymore. With harder professors, fewer online tests and more projects, this class is no longer the grade booster it once was.

Best Lecture Hall: Klaus

Student Pick: Klaus

The Klaus building is one of the newest additions to Tech’s campus so naturally, it has the nicest lecture halls. There’s no gum cemented to the walls, and the desks aren’t stained with drool from kids falling asleep during lecture. If you can, sign up for classes here.

Worst Lecture Hall: Howey

Student Pick: Howey

Howey Physics indisputably has the worst lecture halls on campus. Come on, the building still has chalkboards, so you have to brace yourself for the dreaded nails-down-chalkboard screech that could occur at any moment. Not only that, but the chairs have huge cracks in them.

Best Computer Spot: Dorm

Student Pick: Dorm

The votes are in! The best place for a student to find a computer is in his/her dorm room. It’s almost always quiet and there is never a wait. You can work on your homework and check Facebook in peace without other people nagging you to hurry up. Best of all, it’s downright convenient.

Worst Computer Spot:


Student Pick: Library

The Library is the absolute worst place on campus to find an open computer. The line always backs up, and even with the new monitor that shows which computers are available, everyone still ends up wandering around like sheep, completely lost.