Harvin’s leg made Tech Football fun

One of Harvin’s nine punts against Clemson on October 17, 2020. He totalled 435 punting yards, over 48 yards per kick, in a blowout loss to Clemson. // Photo courtesy of GT Athletics

Justifying going to a bad team’s football games is not always an easy process. Having seen the crowds at Bobby Dodd during my four football seasons a Tech has shown that to be true. Seeing a team that knows it’s in the middle of a rebuild is easy to pass on when better days are ahead.

That’s where the magic of senior Pressley Harvin III’s right foot comes in. These days of many three and outs, stifled runs and incomplete passes always came with the promise we would see a feat of nature at the end of the drive. The main piece written by Will goes over all the numerics of just how impressive Harvin III consistently was, and the eye test 100% backs it up.

Nearly every punt was something worth cheering for, both for the on field result and just the impressiveness of how high the ball would go. Tech missed out on a great opportunity to get a CS class to create a ball height tracker that would do live readings to everyone in Bobby Dodd just how high his punts would go. As sad a statement as this is, some of the best spirals Tech launched in the last few seasons came off Harvin III’s foot. I never actually tried this, but I bet you would be able to hear the ball come off Pressley’s foot from outside the stadium.

Pressley made showing up to games worth it. The friends I go to games with were always most excited for when we knew a Pressley punt was coming.

Plenty of games we knew a blowout was on the horizon, but that meant Pressley action that we had to see.

I fully expect to see him playing on Sundays doing the same thing he always does.