Timeout with Harsha Sridhar

Photo by John Nakano

We’re back. And as if my calendar wasn’t enough of a reminder, the amount of news we’ve had over the past few weeks is a pretty good reminder.

Tech inks a deal with Adidas. Football season is just around the corner. Mercedes-Benz Stadium is open for business. Dedrick Mills has been dismissed from the team (much more on that next week).

And yet there is so much left to discover. What will the first rendition of Tech’s new uniforms look like? How will the Jackets replace Mills and the incredible production he brought to the offense last season? Can Josh Pastner and Tech basketball build off the success of last season or was the NIT finals appearance a fluke?

This is my fourth semester as the Technique’s sports editor and fifth as a member of the organization. I’ve seen Lance Austin make the impossible happen against Florida State, I’ve seen Ben Lammers elevate for game-changing blocks and I’ve seen our baseball team develop significant talent.

I’m ready to see more.