Ramblin’ with Andrew Kosic

Photo Courtesy of GTAA

Technique: Why did you first start swimming competitively?

Kosic: I first started swimming competitively at the age of seven.  My mother was the coach of my first swim team.

Technique: What are your pre-swim meet rituals?

Kosic: I don’t have any pre-meet rituals that are too crazy, I normally just try to relax, get plenty of sleep and eat well before competitions.

Technique: What do you crave most to eat during swim season?

Kosic: I normally crave a nice big home-cooked meal the most during swim season and plenty of dessert.

Technique: What is your favorite place to be on campus?

Kosic: My favorite place on campus is the CRC.  I spend most of my time there swimming, but it is great to have a world-class facility on campus to train at.

Technique: What is your least favorite thing about competitive swimming?

Kosic: My least favorite thing about competitive swimming is definitely the early morning practices.

Technique: What is your favorite stroke?

Kosic: Freestyle is my favorite stroke, but I also compete in butterfly and backstroke races.

Technique: What is your favorite workout music?

Kosic: I prefer to listen to country music during my workouts.

Technique: What made you choose Chemical Engineering?

Kosic: I always enjoyed chemistry and math during high school, and the possible career paths for Chemical Engineers seemed interesting to me.

Technique: Where do you see yourself after graduating from tech?

Kosic: I would like to get a job and start working, but I would still consider training for the 2016 US Olympic Trials depending on how this season goes.

Technique: After Tech would you like to get a job and stay in Atlanta, or would you like to live somewhere different and why?

Kosic: I have really enjoyed my time in Atlanta the past four years, so I would not mind staying in Atlanta but would be open to moving somewhere else depending on work.

Technique: Why did you decide to come to Tech and what other schools recruited you besides Tech?

Kosic: I ultimately chose Tech because of the great combination of swimming and engineering.  I was recruited by a lot of the other teams in the ACC and other schools nationally.  I took recruiting trips to the University of Virginia and Princeton, in addition to Tech, and felt that Tech was the right fit for me.

Technique: What are your goals for this season, and what goals do you have to meet in order to start training for the 2016 Olympic Games?

Kosic: I would like to improve upon my 15th place finish at NCAAs last year and finish in the top eight in the NCAA this season in the 50 or 100 freestyle.  In order to swim in the Olympic Trials, I need to swim qualifying times.  I would like to swim as fast as possible and move up nationally to better prepare myself for the possibility of swimming in 2016.

Technique: What is your best memory from freshman year, and what is the best advice you could give to freshman athletes about adjusting their first year?

Kosic: My best memory from my freshman year was swimming in the “A” final at the ACC Championship.  There was so much energy in the pool area and was a lot of fun to race in.  The biggest piece of advice I could give is to stay on top of all their assignments and studies and take care of themselves by eating healthy and getting enough sleep.

Technique: What are the best and worst movies you have seen this summer?

Kosic: The only movie that I saw this summer was The Fault in Our Stars with my girlfriend.

Technique: What was it like having your mom as your first swim coach?

Kosic: It was great to have my mom as my first swim coach; she was a collegiate swimmer, and her father was a Division I swim coach and a professor, so swimming runs in the family.

Technique: What job in Chemical Engineering do you find most interesting and why?

Kosic: I would like to work in the energy sector: there are a lot of cool things going on in the industry, and the work that is done effects the lives of everyone.