Ramblin’ with Kendal Woodard

Photo by David Van

Technique: What made you decide to start playing tennis?

Woodard: When I was young, we were driving past this tennis center and they were giving out free lessons, so that’s basically how it all started.

Technique: What was the most important thing you learned during your first year of college tennis?

Woodard: You just have to keep your head on straight. Say you lose a tight doubles match; you just have to get ready for the next match and be ready to go. 0

Technique: How much different is it playing on a team opposed to just playing in individual tournaments?

Woodard: It’s completely different. In juniors you are pretty much playing by yourself; you have your friends, but when you’re playing in college you have your whole team behind you and cheering for you.

Technique: What is it that makes you and Megan Kurey such a good doubles team?

Woodard: We go out there and just have a good time. We really try to enjoy it out there when we are playing. We don’t get down on each other, and we try to pick each other up if one of is having a bad day. Just try to have fun.

Technique: Had you two ever played doubles with each other in juniors? Against each other?

Woodard: We never played together, but we played against each other all the time, and I think she may have beaten me every time we played against each other in doubles.

Technique: Which match are you most looking forward to this upcoming season?

Woodard: Definitely Georgia. Always excited to play Georgia. Plus it’s at home this year, so I’m really excited about that.

Technique: Do you enjoy playing any other sports?

Woodard: I like to play basketball. I used to play that a little back in the day, but that’s really the only one.

Technique: Which parts of your game have you been working on improving the most?

Woodard: I’ve been working on my backhand a little bit. I’ve also been working on returning slicing, some chip-and-charge.

Technique: Who is your favorite professional tennis player?

Woodard: Serena is my favorite woman, and then Tsonga on the men’s side. I really just enjoy watching them play.

Technique: What is your favorite memory while competing for Tech?

Woodard: When Elizabeth Kilborn was here last year, and I got to see her win her last home match. It was pretty exciting. Another one would be when we played Georgia at Georgia last season. It was pretty crazy cause you had the fans screaming in the back and everything.

Technique: What is the most difficult part of tennis?

Woodard: The mental part. Some days you get out there and everything is falling; then someday you couldn’t hit a beach ball into the ocean.

Technique: Do you have a favorite pre-match meal?

Woodard: I’m not picky, so just whatever.

Technique: : Do you have any personal goals for the fall season?

Woodard: I want to make it to the NCAA Tournament for both singles and doubles, go for All-ACC team again.