Ramblin` With: Megan Kurey

Photo by John Nakano

Technique: As a kid, what made you decide to start playing tennis?

Kurey: My dad played college tennis at West Virginia and he started hitting with me when I was probably around seven. Then I just really started to get into it and started playing tournaments when I was about 10. I also played soccer, so I had to choose and I ended up picking tennis.

Technique: What made you decide to come to Tech?

Kurey: I looked at a lot of schools in the south because I knew I wanted to stay in the south. I never thought that I would stay in state, but I visited and I loved the team and the coaches. I also wanted to go to a school with good academics.

Technique: Who was your favorite tennis player growing up?

Kurey: My favorite tennis player was Kim Clijsters. I didn’t watch a lot of tennis growing up, but I did really like how she played. On the men’s side I really like Roger Federer.

Technique: What has been your best memory of this season?

Kurey: When we beat Northwestern. I believe we were ranked 33 at the time and they were 11. It had been one of our biggest wins of the season. We lost the doubles point, but we were able to win all four singles. I ended up clinching it and it was just a really great feeling.

Technique: What’s the biggest difference between junior tennis and college tennis?

Kurey: The biggest difference is the team aspect. In junior tennis you just play for yourself, but when you get to college it’s more playing for your team and your school rather than yourself. Winning for your team and your school is definitely more special.

Technique: What do you want to accomplish with the tennis program during your time at Tech?

Kurey: I think I just want to perform as well as I can. Obviously we just want to do really well. Of course winning a National Championship would be great,but I think winning an ACC Championship would be awesome as well.

Technique: Besides UGA, is there one school that you’d really like to beat?

Kurey: North Carolina. They’re probably one of our biggest rivals and they are currently ranked number one in the country. We actually just lost to them last weekend, but we can get them again in the ACC Tournament so that would definitely be a great win.

Technique: Do you have a favorite type of shot?

Kurey: My backhand has always been my favorite shot. I don’t know why, but all throughout juniors and still now it has always been my favorite shot.

Technique: Were you to get to start off in the brand new Ken Byers Tennis Complex?

Kurey: Oh yeah. The fall was a little rough because we didn’t have a center and we had to practice on Peter’s, but the new facility is amazing. You travel around and you see all the other tennis facilities and really nothing compares to ours. It’s just really special.

Technique: What has been your favorite road trip so far this season?

Kurey: We actually haven’t been on the road that much this season, but my favorite was probably to Nebraska for the Indoor regional. I think that was probably my favorite just because our whole team was together. We’ve had some unfortunate injuries this season, so our whole team hasn’t been able to play, but that was the one tournament where our team was all together.

Technique: What do some opponents do on the court that annoys you the most?

Kurey: Probably when they cheat. I’ve had a couple of opponents this season who kind of bothered me with that, but I try to just keep my cool and try to beat them.

Technique: What is your dream venue to play a match at?

I think Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York where the U.S. Open is held would be really fun place to play.