Ramblin’ With Vad Lee

Vad Lee, who will be a redshirt sophomore next season, celebrates after touchdown. Lee threw for 596 yards last season. / Photo by Josh Sandler

Technique: How much of an impact did the bowl win over USC impact the team’s attitude going into the offseason?

Lee: It was huge because we just got so much confidence from it and we feel like we can beat anybody n the nation. Going against a USC program that has so much rich tradition, it was just huge.

Technique: How excited are you to start spring practice and finally get back on the field?

Lee: I’m very excited. Once the seasons over you’re kind of like, “What to do now? I’m just a regular student.” You just don’t have that football aspect in it. I’ve been looking forward to this and I imagine the rest of the team has been too. We had a good first day, and we’re just ready to get to the next step and get out there with the pads on.

Technique: What was it like spending your spring break working out in San Diego with George Whitfield?

Lee: That was big time for me because being here we don’t focus on all the aspects because we have so much to do with the triple option. It was a great experience for me. I got to hang out with Tajh Boyd, Max Wittek and Munchie Legaux from Cincinnati. So it was just real cool.

“I’ve been working a lot on the passing game and the reads that we have in our offense.

Technique: What specifically have you worked on improving over the offseason?

Lee: I’ve been working a lot on the passing game and the reads that we have in our offense. Just going back to the basics and trying to get my fundamentals perfect so that it just becomes easy when I’m out there on the field and I don’t even have to think about stuff like that.

Technique: Which player who was redshirted last season do you think could make a big impact this coming season?

Lee: I believe Michael Summers will have an impact. He has a lot of great ability out there at receiver. Also Justin Thomas. He’s just a great player. He can make a lot of people miss on the run and he has a good arm too.

Technique: With Tevin Washington gone and you being the most experienced quarterback on the team, how do you think you’re role has changed?

Lee: I guess it’s just changed because I’m the guy that everybody comes to now when there’s a question or when we’re not on the same page. Last year sometimes I would have to tell them to ask Tevin since he was the one that was playing the most.

Technique: It seems you have gotten to know Tajh Boyd pretty well. Do you enjoy playing against your friends, or would you rather just play against people you don’t really know?

Lee: It’s the same thing. You suit up, they’re on a different team, but it’s enjoyable to watch people that you know perform. I’ve got a bunch of old teammates that I’ve played against and it’s pretty cool to see them be successful. You want the guys from back home to play well, but when they’re playing your school, it’s kind of bittersweet.

Technique: During some games last season Coach Johnson rotated you and Tevin. What are some advantages of rotating quarterbacks?

Lee: Different people have different strengths. One advantage is just getting someone’s strength out there that maybe the other quarterback isn’t as good at.

Technique: What are your goals for the team next season?

Lee: My goal for the team is to win every game. That may sound far out there, but that’s just the kind of competitor I am and that’s how much confidence I have in this team in 2013. I’m excited and all I’ve got to do is just tell people, “stay tuned”.