Ramblin’ With Buck Farmer

Photo by Alan Tahler

Technique: What made you decide to come back for your senior season?

Farmer: Me and Brandon Thomas both conversed and it was just one of those things where I couldn’t really see turning down another year of college here at Tech. Especially for what I was offered.

Technique: Do you have any personal goals for this year?

Farmer: Help my team get back to the ACC tournament for sure, and then lower my ERA from last year.

Technique: What are your goals for the team this season?

Farmer: Try to do a repeat of last year by winning the ACC Championship and then getting to Omaha is definitely our ultimate goal.

Technique: What’s different about this years’ team that you think will be able to help you get past the regionals?

Farmer: I think last year we were a really young team. This year we have a lot more experience. We have a really big junior class, our freshmen from last year are sophomores now, and having experience goes a long way in college baseball so I really think having that will definitely help us go deep.

Technique: Which young players have surprised you the most this year?

Farmer: Jonathan King as a freshman has been playing great. Then another freshman, Matt Gonzalez, has been great on the field as well.

Technique: Besides UGA, which team do you enjoy beating the most?

Farmer: I’m going to have to say Clemson. I really enjoy beating them. They are definitely one of our biggest rivals.

Technique: Growing up, was there a certain pitcher you looked up to or tried to model your game after?

Farmer: John Smoltz. I’ve always kept up with him and looked up to him, especially when I was a kid. I had a lot of his baseball cards and he has just always been a great pitcher.

Technique: If you could strike out any MLB player, who would it be?

Farmer: I think it would probably be Josh Hamilton. Just because I like him as a player and I think it would be cool to go head-to-head with him.

Technique: What is it about Coach Hall that you think has made him be able to be successful here at Tech for so long?

Farmer: Players really like playing for him. He backs his players up, and he just runs the program well. Practices are really upbeat, fun and we have a good time. Just everything we do on and off the field, I think that helps with the success Coach Hall has had here.