McCamish Maniacs emerge

Photo by John Nakano

At just about every college basketball game the student section is known for being the loudest, craziest section of the fans. The student section at Duke, the Cameron Crazies, has become famous for making Cameron Indoor Stadium one of the hardest places to play in the nation. In an interview conducted last month, Tech freshman forward Robert Carter Jr. acknowledged that during his first career game at Cameron Indoor the Cameron Crazies definitely had an impact on the game.

Although the Cameron Crazies are widely considered the best student section, it may not be too long until they
have a competitor.

Tech students, Freshman Robert Pensa and freshman Johnathan Tierney, have come up with a name for Tech’s student section, the McCamish Maniacs.

“We were at the Wake Forest game and we were looking around and the student seats weren’t filled up and we wanted to do something get the crowd more involved. I was just joking around with my friend and we decided it would be cool to come up with a name for the student section. So we decided to use the name McCamish Maniacs,” Tierney said. “The students can have such a huge impact on the game and get in the opponent’s head because we might get away with saying some stuff that a forty year old man wouldn’t be able to.”

Pensa and Tierney do not want the idea to fade quickly.

“We’d like for it to become the best student section in the country.”

“We are really committed to this. We really want students to come out, especially for the upcoming UNC game, and just show the team support. We’d like for people to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter to just help spread the word and have as many students as possible participate,” Tierney said.

“All the games so far have had pretty good non-student turnout, if we can get the student section full and inspire the rest of the crowd we know the arena can get really loud,” Pensa said.

With McCamish Pavilion having 200 courtside student sections seats, putting Tech students closer than ever, Pensa and Tierney think Tech can become one of the hardest places in the ACC to play. Pensa said, “We’d like for it to become the best student section in the country, it’s a big goal, but we think it can happen.”