Ramblin’ with: Daniel Miller

Technique: How do you think playing last season off campus affected the season?

Miller: Not having the students there didn’t necessarily negatively impact the season, but we definitely missed that extra burst of energy.

Technique: How excited are you to play in McCamish?

Miller: I’m overly excited. Absolutely thrilled.

Technique: How did you prepare in the offseason?

Miller: We worked a lot harder this offseason than we normally do, just worked harder on everything.

Technique: What does your average day look like?

Miller: It’s just a busy day. There are no breaks. You just have to be mentally prepared for the whole day.

Technique: What’s your favorite thing about being an athlete at Tech?

Miller: I really enjoy getting to travel with the team during the season.

Technique: Where’s your favorite place to travel?

Miller: My favorite place to go play a game at is Duke.

Technique: Do you have any goals for the team this year?

Miller: To win a lot more games and to become better as a team. Personally, I’d like to average above 10 rebounds every game.

Technique: What has been your worst injury?

Miller: Ever? I’ve broken my arm before. It was a roller-blading injury when I was eleven.

Technique: If you were at a karaoke bar, which song would you choose to sing?

Miller: Kenny Chesney’s song, “We Went Out Last Night.” I like country music.

Technique: What are the pressures involved with your position?

Miller: The offense kind of travels through the post, and we don’t really have any other centers. We definitely have other guys that can play the position, but I’m the only center we have.

Technique: How has your experience with the team over the years helped your game?

Miller: These guys make me a lot better. They help me score more easily. Everything they do helps me.