Ramblin With: Sam Dove

Technique: When did you start playing baseball?
Dove: I started playing officially when I was five.

Technique: What made you pick baseball over other sports?
Dove: When I was a kid I played everything, so I didn’t have to pick it specifically.

Technique: Do you have any goals for yourself or for the team this season?
Dove: I mainly have goals for the team, just to try and make it to the post season, that’s always the goal. We’ve been put out in the last two regionals. So this year I would really like to make it to the super regionals and hopefully to Omaha.

Technique: Who are some of your role models?
Dove: Jed Bradley was a big role model for me work ethic wise. Character-wise, I would say my dad. He’s had the biggest influence on my character and my personality.

Technique: How did it feel to bring in Coach Hall’s 1000th win earlier this season?
Dove: It was good. I haven’t been around for most of those, but it was good. He was proud of it, but he was more proud that we won that one game. His leadership is great.

Technique: If you could play any other sport at Tech, what would it be?
Dove: Golf because they get to go to Hawaii and California and all over the place.

Technique: As a walk-on originally, how does it feel to have won the starting position?
Dove: It feels good. I came in pretty confident that I could play here, so it feels good to finally be out there.

Technique: Did you look at any other schools?
Dove: I looked at other schools; I had offers from small schools. I just really wanted to come here and they gave me a shot so I took it.

Technique: Since you had five relatives that played sports in college, did you feel the pressure to follow in their footsteps?
Dove: No, not at all. None of them were really closely related to me; they were all distant relatives.

Technique: We already touched on this, but how did you end up at Tech?
Dove: When I was younger, I watched them on TV in the World Series and then I found out they were an engineering school. Growing up, I really liked math and science so those two things just clicked. I wanted to go here for a long time.

Technique: What do you want to do after college?
Dove: I’d love to play baseball. But hopefully I get a job for a sports-related company like Nike.

Technique: Do you have any nicknames on the field?
Dove: Dovey or Lovey Dovey.

Technique: Do you have hobbies outside of baseball?
Dove: I like the outdoors and I really like to fish. I pretty much like anything that’s outside.

Technique: What’s your favorite thing to do in Atlanta?
Dove: I really like Mary Mac’s. Activities-wise, probably Braves games, but we don’t get to go to many.

Technique: What’s your favorite team in the MLB?
Dove: The Braves. I’m from Nashville, so since we don’t have a team we all cheer for the Braves. They have a pretty wide following.

Technique: What has been your worst injury?
Dove: I haven’t had many injuries. Last summer, I fouled a ball off my foot but that’s about it. I’ve never broken a bone.

Technique: If you could get on a plane right now and go anywhere, where would you go?
Dove: Italy, because I’ve been there before and it was awesome.