Ramblin’ With: Metra Walthour

Technique: How old were you when you began playing basketball?

Walthour: I was nine years old when I began playing. My uncle actually got me interested in it.

Technique: Did you immediately fall in love with the sport then?

Walthour: When I was first learning, I was pretty bad. But, my family kept me active, and within two years, my skills improved. I knew that basketball was really something I wanted to do.

Technique: I know it’s was about four years ago, but how did you end up at Tech?

Walthour: Well, at the time, I had been playing basketball for my high school and an AAU team. I dreamed about playing basketball in college and in the state of Georgia. As high school teammates, Nisha and I imagined playing together, and Tech was the first school to give us the opportunity.

Technique: Do you have any nicknames on the court?

Walthour: My teammates call me Me-Me.

Technique: Being 20-7 overall and 10-4 ACC, what do you think has contributed to the success of the team this season?

Walthour: Resilience. At the end of last season, as seniors, Nisha, Mo, Sasha, Chelsea and I made a pact that we would step up our leadership and not let our team down. We pride ourselves in leading the team the way that we were taught.

Technique: How does the team get hyped up before each game?

Walthour: Coach [MaChelle Joseph] always gives a great pep talk. Getting ready before games begins with her, and then we do our own thing. Pregame music always helps too.

Technique: How do you prepare during the offseason?

Walthour: I really sharpen my individual skills. I get in the weight room. I work on my weaknesses in the gym. I just try to get better every year.

Technique: What is most challenging about playing basketball and being a student-athlete at Tech?

Walthour: Managing my time. Not playing in our home gym while being on the road a lot, I have to be disciplined and study after games even when I am tired.

Technique: Take me through a typical day for you.

Walthour: I wake up at 7 a.m. for classes. I grab some lunch in between, and I am done with classes by 1:30 because we practice from 1:45 to 4. After practice, we may watch film or do extra work in the gym. Then later on, sometimes you have to go to a tutor or you just go back to your room to study and get ready to repeat the day over again.

Technique: From the view of a female athlete at Tech, how key are Tech fans at your games?

Walthour: They are very vital. Playing in Gwinnett, we know that it is hard for student fans to get to our games, but we do have a great following. Every Tech fan is very important because we feed off of the crowd’s energy.

Technique: Do you have any hobbies outside of class and basketball?

Walthour: I like to catch a movie or get dinner, usually with my teammates. Team outings are always fun things because we are really close and spend the majority of our time together. So, if it is something that 15 people can be a part of, then I enjoy doing it.

Technique: As a senior, what are your plans after Tech? Any professional ambitions?

Walthour: If the opportunity presents itself, I would love to play basketball as long as possible. But, I have been looking at other careers because you cannot play basketball forever. It is great to have my basketball skills, but I also like to apply the other skills that I have, like when I interned at UNC’s Dreamweaver to build websites. I really like doing things like that, but if the opportunity to play professional basketball does come up, then I would love to take it.

Technique: If not basketball, then what sport?

Walthour: Other than basketball, I ran track and played soccer in high school. But, since I have more experience in track than soccer, I would choose track. I would be a sprinter, probably running the 200m.

Technique: If you have to bake for the entire basketball team, what would you bake?

Walthour: I love to bake cupcakes. I’m always game for baked goods.

Technique: If you could see any musical artists live in concert, who would you want to see?

Walthour: I’d have to say Chris Brown. He is a great entertainer, and every time he performs, he is great! My favorite song by him is “Yo.”

Technique: What would we find in your fridge, if we looked in it right now?

Walthour: All I have is a bunch of drinks. I love my Powerade, Gatorade and water.

Technique: Do you have a favorite comedian?

Walthour: Well, right now, Kevin Hart. Laugh at my Pain is too hilarious.

Technique: If you could change the world, what would you change it?

Walthour: I really feel like that these days, there are more people treating and talking about each other badly, and I really want people to get along. That’s what I would change: for everyone to be positive and get along.

Technique: If you could be a cartoon, who would you be?

Walthour: I love Disney. I have always been a Disney fan. So, I have to say I like Mickey Mouse, but I would like to be Minnie.