Ramblin’ With: James White

Technique: When did you have first have an interest in golf?

White: When my family and I moved to Acworth, GA, we moved to a golf course, and I fell in love with the sport ever since.

Technique: What is your favorite thing about being a Tech student-athlete in golf?

White: It’s truly amazing. When you’re able to attend an invitational in Hawaii or a classic in Puerto Rico, it makes all of the hard work and dedication worth it- to golf in a beautiful place.

Technique: Do you have any role models?

White: I really like Tiger Woods because of his talent and work ethic. He is a relentless hard worker. I also look up to Matthew Kuchar, a Tech alumni and former All-American golfer.

Technique: What are your comments on the team for this season so far?

White: We are a young team, but we are all learning a lot. We have ups and downs, but overall from our success so far, I am excited for the future.

Technique: After Tech, where do you see yourself in the golf world?

White: I see myself contending in the PGA tour. That is a goal of mine.

Technique: If you could change one rule about golf, what would it be?

White: There’s a big rule I would change. When a ball comes to rests in a divot hole, a player has to play the ball where it is found. I would change this so that there is ground repair out of the divot or a player can be allowed relief from the divot.

Technique: We all have a little humor in us, so please tell your best golf joke.

White: You know you’re a hacker if your divot goes farther than your ball. [This is when you hit grass, and the grass goes farther than the ball itself].

Technique: If you could play any sport other than golf, what would it be?

White: I have played baseball when I was younger, so I’d say baseball. But I am really into ping-pong and have played tennis from time to time.

Technique: What has been your favorite class at Tech?

White: Though I am a Management major, I have really enjoyed a psychology class. Also, I have taken a philosophy class, and that was a great class, too.

Technique: Where is your favorite place to visit in Atlanta?

White: About 15 minutes north of here, there is a place called Chattahoochee River Park. There are a lot of nice trails there, and it is great break away from the concrete and busy life in the city.

 Technique: If cars stopped being produced, would your transportation be: a rolling chair or a unicycle?

White: I have to go with rolling chair. That’d be more fun and easier to maneuver than a unicycle.

Technique: What is your favorite movie?

White: I have to say Braveheart.

Technique: If you could have a super power, what would it be?

White: Oh, that’s easy: to fly!

Technique: If you were on American Idol, what song would you sing?

White: I would sing “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe. It is a great Christian song with a great message. I love music in general, but I’m not very musically inclined. I have tried to play piano and that did not go well. So now, I sing in the car or the shower. [Laughs]

Technique: Do you have a favorite actor?

White: I have liked Adam Sandler since I saw Happy Gilmore. He is hilarious.

Technique: Who is your favorite athlete?

White: Demaryius Thomas.He was a stand out here because of his ethic and pure talent, and he has remained humble throughout all of his early successes.

Technique: If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you take with you?

White: I would have to have a set of golf clubs, a fishing rod, and my Bible.

Technique: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

White: I see myself still playing golf.