Ramblin’ With: Orwin Smith

Technique: How is spring going for you so far?
Smith: It’s going great. We’ve got guys with potential, and they’re learning. That’s the most important thing, we’ve got freshman out here that are trying. That’s a big key, trying to get these freshman and guys who didn’t play last year some experience.

Technique: Have you been practicing much with the special teams squad?
Smith: We are. We’re practicing on all aspects of it. Right now, they have me on punt return and kick-off return. We’re looking pretty good with some new schemes.

Technique: Do you have any goals for the return this upcoming season?
Smith: [My goal is to lead in] rushing in all-purpose [yards], and I’d like to lead the ACC in all-purpose yards.

Technique: What are you looking forward to most about this season?
Smith: Just winning. I feel like this team has the potential. We have guys coming back that played last year. Plus we have great talent that hasn’t played. I feel like we’re going to win some big ones.

Technique: If we looked in your refrigerator right now what would we find?
Smith: You’d find Capri Suns, plain milk chocolate, Hershey’s Bars and Hot Pockets.

Technique: If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you did with the money?
Smith: I’d pay for everyone in my family’s debt, buy everyone a new house and I’d do something special for my girlfriend.

Technique: Have you ever broken any bones or torn anything?
Smith: Never.

Technique: What’s the hardest thing about football?
Smith: I’d say spring training. Most guys hate coming out here. They feel like it doesn’t have a reason. That’s the main thing, though, making it though spring training.

Technique: What’s the song you’d say you get stuck in your head most often?
Smith: I vary through a lot of songs, but I’d say “Closer” by Drake.

Technique: If you could play with one band or artist who would it be?
Smith: Linkin Park.

Technique: What’s your favorite board game?
Smith: Chess. I was a chess player growing up through elementary school.

Technique: What do you think about amusement parks then?
Smith: I love them. I love the feeling of my heart dropping for some reason.

Technique: Do you have a favorite amusement park or ride?
Smith: King’s Dominion in Va. I love that park. I’d say Volcano is my favorite ride.

Technique: What’s the best compliment you’ve ever been given?
Smith: Someone complimented me on my eyes.

Technique: Do you have a favorite soft drink?
Smith: Sprite.


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