Ramblin’ With: Tevin Washington

Technique: How’s spring training treating you so far?
Washington: It’s going pretty good. Trying to take one day at a time to get better.

Technique: Do you have any particular goals that you’re trying to set for yourself during summer practice?
Washington: Staying on top of my game and making sure my nose is in a playbook or film this summer.

Technique: When did you first get interested in football?
Washington: I started playing football when I was eight years old. Ever since then I’ve gone out there every time it’s time to compete and competed.

Technique: Did you have a favorite player as a kid?
Washington: I liked Warren Sapp a lot.

Technique: Did you have a favorite team?
Washington: The Green Bay Packers. I liked watching Reggie White and Brett Favre, they were incredible.

Technique: Have those changed since you were a kid?
Washington: My favorite team now is the Pittsburgh Steelers, and now I can’t go against any other player but Michael Vick. I think he’s the most exciting player in the league.

Technique: Do you watch any sports that you would consider a guilty pleasure?
Washington: Probably baseball. A lot of people don’t like to watch baseball because of the speed of the game, but I sit there and call out everything that’s going on. I’m real interested in baseball.

Technique: If you had to play on defense for Tech, what would you want to play?
Washington: I would want to play safety. It would be just like playing on offense as the quarter back. I’d make the calls on defense and pretty much set the tone [for the game]. I like to be in that position.

Technique: What would be your dream career other than football?
Washington: I would like to like to be a successful entrepreneur. Maybe start my own chain of supermarkets where I could make money.

Technique: After you made that money, where would be your dream place to retire?
Washington: Wetumpka, Ala. Go back home, buy some land or a farm, something like that.

Technique: If you could see any musical artist live, who would you want to see?
Washington: I would probably want to see someone who’s not here anymore, like maybe Tupac or Biggie.

Technique: Why are those two your favorite?
Washington: I think they’re two the most powerful artists to ever step foot in the industry. I think it’d be real interesting to watch one of their performances because they touched a lot of people with their performances when they were living.

Technique: If you could break one record in college football, which one would you want to break?
Washington: The record for most points scored as an offensive player, maybe as a team goal.

Technique: Do you have any hobbies outside of class and football?
Washington: I really like to watch movies and standup comedy.

Technique: Do you have a favorite comedian?
Washington: Overall, probably Bernie Mac. But lately I’ve been watching a lot of Kevin Hart, and he’s real funny.

Technique: Do you have a guilty pleasure style of music?
Washington: I really like the blues. A lot of Rodney Taylor and Ronnie Lovejoy, I listen to a lot of that.

Technique: If you could step into the shoes of any celebrity, who would you choose?
Washington: I’d say Barack Obama. Just for a day though. I don’t want all that stress for four years.

Technique: Why?
Washington: I think it’d be cool to be in his shoes and see how the White House and all that works.

Technique: Favorite desert?
Washington: Ice Cream.

Technique: Favorite book?
Washington: Third and a Mile by William C. Rhoden.

Technique: Favorite movie?
Washington: Remember the Titans.

Technique: Favorite music album?
Washington: “I’m Serious” by TI.

Technique: Favorite candy?
Washington: Skittles.


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