Ramblin’ With: Guillermo Gomez

Technique: What got you first interested in tennis?

Gomez: I think I was five when I began. My father used to play tennis, and he wanted me to play a sport. Since he played tennis, I ended up playing tennis.

Technique: Do you have any role models in tennis?

Gomez: I’ve always like Sampras. But now I like Federer, too. I like to take the best things from each player though.

Technique: What about in life or in your career path?

Gomez: My father is my role model and as well as Coach Thorne. Like I said I like to analyze people, take the good things and try not to do the bad things.

Technique: Any other sport you would want to play?

Gomez: I used to play soccer, but around the age of 12 or 13, I had to make a choice between tennis and soccer. I chose tennis.

Technique: Do you like comedy or drama movies?

Gomez: I like more comedy movies. That doesn’t mean I don’t dramatic movies, too.

Technique: If there were one trivia category you could excel at, what would it be?

Gomez: Sports, I guess. I’m not very good in trivia.

Technique: If you could travel around the world in any way you like, how would you go?

Gomez: I think I would get a plane, possibly first class. I don’t really like to fly that much, though because of all the trouble of getting through security. But if I were going around the world, I’d like to be in a plane. It would go faster.

Technique: If you could change one rule in tennis, what would it be?

Gomez: In college we play with the rule that if it hits the net on the first serve, you can’t repeat it. I’d like to do away with that rule, it’d be interesting.

Technique: Do you have a favorite class at Tech?

Gomez: I think it would be my manufacturing and warehousing class. It has a really fun professor, and I learned a lot.

Technique: Do you have any hobbies off the court?

Gomez: I mix music in my free time, house music mostly.

Technique: Do you play any instruments?

Gomez: I played the flute when I was in middle school, but now I don’t playing anything.

Technique: Did you have a favorite toy when you were little?

Gomez: I really liked Power Rangers when I was really, really young.

Technique: Do you like to play any kind of video games?

Gomez: I like to play PlayStation 3. Right now I like Call of Duty Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2.

Technique: If you could improve one thing about your game in tennis, what would it be?

Gomez: I would like to have a better backhand, but I’d like to improve a lot of things.

Technique: If you could play the lead role in any show or movie, who would you play?

Gomez: I think I would like to play Jack Bauer in 24.

Technique: What would be one phrase to describe yourself?

Gomez: I can be a difficult person sometimes, but I like to have fun, be with my friends and live in the moment.


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