Ramblin’ With: Kelsi Weseman

Technique: What or who got you interested in softball?
Weseman: When I was younger my older brother played baseball, so I got interested in that.
Technique: Is there another sport you wanted to play as a kid?
Weseman: I used to want to play basketball, but then I got too short.
Technique: Do you have any role models in sports?
Weseman: I never really looked up to any big names, but just to the older players in my sport.
Technique: Do you have any hobbies outside of softball?
Weseman: Not really, softball takes up a lot of my time.
Technique: Do you have a favorite band?
Weseman: It changes on a regular basis, but right now it’s a band called Every Avenue.
Technique: Do you have any favorite TV shows?
Weseman: I always try to watch Grey’s Anatomy and Glee. I usually end up having to watch them online.
Technique: Do you like to cook much?
Weseman: I do like to cook, but I usually don’t get to do much of it so I end up going to the dining halls.
Technique: Do you have any favorite dish to cook when you get a chance?
Weseman: Shepherd’s Pie.
Technique: Do you have a favorite restaurant when you don’t get to cook?
Weseman: I like California Pizza Kitchen or La Parilla.
Technique: If you could have one super power, what would it be?
Weseman: I would like to be in multiple places at once.
Technique: Do you prefer ice cream or frozen yogurt?
Weseman: Ice cream
Technique: Do you have a favorite flavor?
Weseman: I usually like rocky road without the nuts in it, just chocolate with marshmallows, and chocolate chips.


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