Play of the week

In its recent game against Virginia Tech, the Georgia Tech men’s basketball team had a tough time figuring out the Hokies’ 2-3 zone with man-to-man tendencies. The Hokies started the game on a 17-10 run as the Jackets struggled to find a hole in the zone.
Finally, the Jackets found away the zone to get some quality points.
The plan was for the Jackets to overload one side of the court with a big man and two guards. Usually, senior guard Mo Miller would make a pass to junior guard Iman Shumpert. Then, freshman center Daniel Miller would set a pick for Shumpert to take the attention off of the other side of the court.
With the three Georgia Tech players on one side of the court, the Hokies’ defense would shift to account for the extra bodies. The screen also forced the Hokie defenders to expect that the Jackets were running a play to that side. This made the entire defense watch the ball.
Meanwhile on the other side of the court, sophomore forward Brian Oliver would take advantage of the defenders helping on the other side of the court by cutting to space in between the zone. This space happened to be at the top of the paint, just out of the reach of Hokie center Jeff Allen. Oliver received a pass from Shumpert and drained a short yet contested shot over Allen.
The play helped Oliver find his stroke early en route to his team-high 28 and points and also allowed Shumpert to rack up 11 assists.


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