Ramblin’ With: Jordan McCullers

Technique: How excited are you for the new Harry Potter movie?
Jordan McCullers: I’m the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world, I’m claiming that.  I mean, my cats are named after Harry Potter characters.

Technique: If you had time for another sport, what would it be?
McCullers: Golf, even though I wouldn’t be good.

Technique: Who is your favorite Jersey Shore character?
McCullers: Pauly D. I just think he’s hot, I’m not gonna lie.

Technique: What cartoon was your favorite as a kid?
McCullers: Winnie the Pooh.  Is that a cartoon?

Technique: Would you be more likely to listen to Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber?
McCullers: Justin Bieber.  But I honestly do not want to have Bieber fever because I am embarrassed to be attracted to a tween.

Technique: Is your personality similar off the court as on?
McCullers: I’m a lot more laid back off the court.

Technique: What is your favorite place to visit in Atlanta?
McCullers: The Coke Factory.  And I don’t even like Coke.

Technique: How often do you find yourself in the library?
McCullers: I’ve been [there] maybe three times in four years.

Technique: What book have you enjoyed the most in the last year?
McCullers: The Pillars of the Earth.

Technique: Dancing with the Stars or American Idol?
McCullers: American Idol is really exciting near the end but overall I’d say Dancing with the Stars.

Technique: Could you see yourself on Dancing with the Stars?
McCullers: Oh, for sure.

Technique: What food could you not live without?
McCullers: I’m a vegetarian, so nothing very fun.

Technique: What is your favorite cereal at the dining hall?
McCullers: Special K with berries.

Technique: If you were a character on Friends, who would you be?
McCullers: Joey. He’s just a complete goofball and I think that’s awesome


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