Beyond the White and Gold

Sometimes, we as mere citizens fail to realize the true problems that plague the state of Georgia. So what, some lakes are low. Overachievers are blowing a bunch of wind about how the K-12 schools are failing. And some mellow-dramatic doctors are worried about the state of hospitals. What we as people fail to realize is that the main problem with Georgia revolves around the way the NCAA chooses its college football national champion.

Two weeks ago, the Georgia House of Representatives (GHR) managed one of the greatest pandering schemes in quite some time. The GHR passed a resolution urging the NCAA to implement a playoff system to replace the BCS system that currently determines the national champion. Reading parts of it is pure entertainment for every non-UGA fan.

“WHEREAS, the greatest disappointment of the 2007 college football season was the dysfunctional system, known as the Bowl Championship Series or BCS, the NCAA has implemented in order to determine a national champion…NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES that the members of this body strongly urge the NCAA to adopt a playoff system to determine the national champion in college football,” states HR 1034.

UGA fans seem unsettled by the fact that they have failed to win a national championship in 28 years and feel as though they are unrecognized. Unfortunately, the BCS did not agree with them. But the whining Bulldogs in GHR need to realize that there is a time and place for everything and the Georgia General Assembly is no place to spread the “UGA got screwed” propaganda.

“WHEREAS, the only sensible way to determine a national champion in any sport is to develop a playoff system that allows teams to meet on the field,” states HR1034.

Once again, our all-wise and all -knowing politicians have figured out “the only sensible” solution for the magnanimous problem. Are they calling the majority of the University Presidents/Chancellors who voted overwhelmingly in favor of the BCS foolish for endorsing such an abomination of a selection system? President Clough and UGA President Adams might want to get their résumés ready.

“WHEREAS, the fans of college football deserve a true national champion to be crowned after winning the title on the field of play and not in a popularity poll,” states HR1034.

We should consider having our politicians elected the same. The popularity polls that CNN runs 24/7 now are becoming such a bore. Imagine if you will, “American Gladiator: The Battle for the White House,” Obama would be favored by at least 20:1 in Vegas.

But the GHR had a few good suggestions about how to improve the way the national champion is chosen: “…the teams chosen to play in the various BCS bowl games are selected through mathematical computations, politics, and corporate and television influences that rarely relate to determining the best football team on the field,” states HR1034.

Politics should be removed when selecting a college football national champion, but the ironic hypocrisy of the GHR passing a resolution calling for such removal of politics seems counter-productive from the view of a mere citizen. Corporations and television also have too much influence, so would it not be honorable for the members of GHR to pledge not to use corporations and television adds during the up coming campaign?

But if you take out math, which alludes to the computer poll, and politics, which alludes to the press and coaches polls, what else is left to rate college football teams? Every team cannot play each other and a 64-team playoff is impossible for the sport.

So how would the GHR fix the problem? Mea culpa, politicians do not fix problems, they just complain about the insignificant ones.