One application to rule them all

The success of many Tech-related mobile applications, including Jacket Guardian, the Career Fair app, and the Nextbus app suggests the need for a consolidated, well-organized “GT App” that would enable a student to access several different vital online facilities in one place. By focusing design on student needs, frequently reevaluating performance and improving the quality of existing resources, Tech could make students’ everyday lives far more convenient.

BuzzPort was meant to be a place to access many resources, but many students complain that it is incompatible with many browsers, hard to navigate, visually frustrating and unhelpful because it has many unimportant links. The often-messy and disorganized nature of BuzzPort makes it difficult to use. Tech could avoid these problems by actively seeking student input  through surveys, incorporating a multi-platform-friendly version of Buzzport in GT App and monitoring the app’s usefulness by keeping track of click history data. Moreover, Tech should periodically update the app to reflect student preferences.

The new GT App could also address problems with existing platforms. By implementing a more robust login system, Tech could eliminate the need for students to enter login credentials several times to use different resources. This app could also be used as an opportunity to redesign T-Square to be more mobile-friendly. The current interface could certainly use visual and functional improvements. The new GT App could carry out these changes by making class files easier to access and by making T-Square respond better to mobile browsers.

Tech’s online resources are currently disjointed, but as mobile applications become increasingly popular with the student body, the GT App provides an elegant and thorough solution.