New Access to Ferst Center

The Student Government Association recently passed a bill allocating $30,000 as payment to the Ferst Center for recognized student organizations to use their facilities during the upcoming year. The bill provides chartered student organizations with “unlimited” use of the Ferst Center and eliminates the need to request funding from SGA. The approval of this resolution shows a sense of purpose from the new administration, and it promises to boost student involvement in campus activities.

The Undergraduate House of Representatives and the Graduate Student Senate both unanimously passed the joint allocation bill on Aug. 25 and Sept. 3, respectively. Their actions, taken so early in the semester, show promise for the year. This joint allocation bill was, in fact, one of the initiatives that Undergraduate President Nick Picon promised to pass during his campaign. SGA has also justified the bill financially, estimating $20,000 in savings on Ferst Center rentals in comparison to last year.

The bill enables registered organizations to utilize the Ferst Center’s facilities in a far more direct, and simple, way. While students previously requested funding to book the venue from SGA, they can now proceed after having their organization’s status verified.

The simplicity and openness that this bill affords students strongly encourages student involvement. Within the past year, student organizations have already increased their utilization of the space in the Ferst Center. Now, with the added ease of booking the venue, and without the necessity to write a personalized bill, the trend of growing student involvement will continue.

With more publicity for the new initiative and steps to maintain the policy, SGA can contribute to a more lively campus while still balancing its books.