Peterson’s Institute Address

Photo Courtesy of Georgia Tech Newsroom

Last week, Institute President Dr. G.P. “Bud” Peterson made his annual address, highlighting the recent developments at Tech and touching on its future progress. President Peterson spoke about various topics, ranging from Tech’s new Online MS in Computer Science to Tech’s 25-year Strategic Plan. President Peterson’s effective organization, thoroughness and candor made the address straightforward and informative to students, faculty and staff.

“Dr. Peterson’s effective organization, thoroughness, and candor made the address accessible and informative to students, faculty and staff.”

Throughout the address, Peterson maintained a focus on results. His methodical delivery helped him illustrate examples of Tech’s progress. For example, in addition to stating that Tech is experimenting with new and effective educational formats, President Peterson cited the examples of the new X-degree and the rapidly-growing Massive Open Online Courses. In addition to praising Tech’s flourishing research areas, he mentioned the Tech Starter program and several meaningful student projects.

Peterson also made his speech clear and comprehensive, conveying an air of accessibility to students and faculty. He spoke on a plethora of issues encompassing most aspects of campus life and gave specific examples of improvements in each area. The transparency with which Peterson spoke about the several campus affairs helps students understand exactly where Tech stands in academics, industry, athletics and campus life.

Peterson also provided students and faculty several opportunities to ask questions. The administration encouraged questions on Facebook and Twitter a day before the address and allowed questions after the address. Peterson’s evident sincerity greatly added to his credibility, especially when he spoke about the unexpected increase of the student-faculty ratio. His open nature provided a solid backing to the rest of his speech.