Greek Week Inspiration

Photo by John Nakano

With just a few weeks before the start of finals week, Tech has found itself buzzing with an array of on-campus activities: Greek Week, I <3 GT Week and Sting Break, just to name a few. While all of these events have been occurring simultaneously, only one has been receiving serious attention. Only Greek Week has been vocal and dynamic enough to garner a large enough response from the student body. Because of this, both GT Week and Sting Break, large events within their own right, have been eclipsed by its shadow. For Greek Week organizers, this goal was achieved in a number of ways: a clear line of communication to participants, a large awareness on campus and a focus on creating a level of organizational pride. Year after year, Greek Week uses this same formula to create a strong sense of community to unite its members. Events like GT Week offer this same opportunity to create a sense of community and pride for, not only the Greek Community, but the entire student body. Currently, GT Week possess a great deal of potential to serve as a student-wide counterpart to Greek Week. Yet due to a lack of effective communication, implementation and enthusiasm, the event falls short of its on its goals. GT Week presents the opportunity for students of every year, major and organization to come together and celebrate being Tech students by transforming itself into an event that effectively engages the entire student body through a number of different activities and events such as tug-of-war with teams represented by students from the Institute’s various majors. Instead of spreading itself too thin with numerous activities, SGA must seek help from organizations around campus, such as SCPC, to combine these events in a cohesive and efficient project so that every student may take full advantage of them.