Driving in Atlanta

I would like to preface this with a nod to the great city of Atlanta. Of all the cities I have been to, this city has to be the most walkable city and has top-notch public transportation that can get you everywhere you need to go. 

I’m not even sure why you would need a car in this city. MARTA, your legs and perfectly level sidewalks have got you covered for many miles. There is no city quite like Atlanta.

Personally, I think having a basic street grid in a city hinders feats of engineering such as the 5-way intersection between Hemphill Avenue and 10th Street, and many more just like it throughout Atlanta. 

Grid systems are boring and lack the adequate excitement that Atlanta traffic lawyers so desperately need for their businesses.

Speaking of traffic, there is nothing better to do on a Friday evening in Atlanta than parking at the 8-lane I-75/I-85 interchange. These parking lots are massive and they give you a great spot to explore North Avenue! 

Feel free to try this on any of the other six days of the week as well. In all seriousness, driving in a big city can be quite daunting. 

With my guidance, you will surely blend right in with all the other drivers in Atlanta and, most importantly, stay moderately safe in the process!

My first tip to all new drivers in the city is to just wing it. 

No need for the fancy GPS and forget about that iPhone; you will always (sometimes) find your way to your destination. 

The best feature of Atlanta is that if you are ever lost, you can use The Pencil Building as your guiding north star to find your way back to campus.

Navigating the one-way streets and 5-way intersections is not too difficult. Miss a turn? No problem! Just be sure to check your mirrors before cutting across four lanes of traffic to get back on track. 

Feel free to take turns as fast or as slow as possible. Also, do not be afraid to turn from a lane designated as straight, even if there is only one lane to turn into. 

If you really need to get to that next lane, slam on your brakes and signal into the desired lane.

On the topic of signaling, turn signals are always optional. My justification here is if you don’t know where you are going, why should anyone else know? When you change lanes, it can sometimes be helpful to signal while you’re in the process of changing so that other drivers know you tried.

Next, let’s talk about parking. We are fortunate enough to have free parking absolutely nowhere in the city. The only exception to this rule is parking on the street with your hazards on. 

When your hazards are on, you are excused of all responsibilities as a driver and as a human being. Any and all mistakes are absolved, but only a select few people have mastered this loophole.

If you happened to fall prey to the boot, not to worry. It is legal to own a boot key, but it is illegal to use it. 

One common way to avoid doing anything illegal is to find a smart Atlanta squirrel to use the key. 

Squirrels can often be lured via several varieties of nuts, seeds or fruits. For example, you happen to place a boot key covered in peanut butter in the keyhole. 

Once the squirrel arrives, all it takes is a few licks and boom, you’re back in business.

Finally, if there’s one tip to always remember, it’s to have fun! Driving in Atlanta is always a blast and never takes more time than it should to get to your destination. Traffic is as predictable as the sunrise, and the other
drivers are extremely friendly.

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