Obituary to a first car

Photo courtesy of Blake Israel

Sadie Betz, 21 years old, of Dunwoody, Georgia passed away on Friday, June 9, 2023 at 8:52 p.m after a deadly collision in a parking garage crushed her radiator and caused a fatal loss of coolant liquid.

Sadie was born in February 2002 to the Mercedes family in Bremen, Germany.

After an unrecorded childhood in Florida, she went on to be adopted by the Betz family in Dunwoody, Georgia in 2017.

The only details that are known about her childhood was an incident in which she was outside during a storm and struck by a falling tree.

This incident was quite traumatic for her, as she wore scars for the rest of her life, reminding her of this fateful day.

She spent the next three years as a close companion of Caroline Betz, the daughter of the Betz family.

During these years, she participated in many adventures across the state of Georgia.

She was a known lover of the roadside attraction, Goats on the Roof, in Tiger, Georgia and visited the attraction numerous times throughout her life.

In the winter of 2017, Sadie discovered a chronic affliction, which she would continue to suffer from for the rest of her life.

She suffered from a gradual motor oil weep, causing her to require consistent oil infusions to keep her fluid levels stable.

Despite this chronic suffering, Sadie was able to continue on to live a long and fulfilling life that was full of adventures and beautiful views.

In the fall of 2019, Sadie suffered from a significant accident that left her front right fender permanently scarred.

Due to the high cost of plastic surgery, she decided to wear the scars from this accident as a badge of pride, showing the world the interesting life that she led. Sadie continued to live the next year of her life as a close companion to Caroline, and the two grew closer together whenever they were near.

Sadie was there for some of Caroline’s darkest moments, from her first breakup to her watching a fatal car accident on the side of the highway a little white ago.

Sadie was also there for some of the happiest times in Caroline’s life, being one of her truest and most loyal friends and being there for all of her exciting milestone moments.

In the spring of 2020, when the world was shut down due to a global pandemic, Sadie and Caroline started to take more joyrides together to escape the sad reality of a world that was completely immobilized.

As Sadie was growing older and was struggling to make the long daily journeys that Caroline was embarking on, Robin, another Mercedes, joined the family and grew close to Caroline immediately.

In August of 2020, Sadie had a break between jobs and started enjoying taking the Betz dogs on joyrides in her newfound free time.

In October she grew closer to Caroline’s brother, Zack Betz, and started tagging along for many of his daily adventures.

Together they went on many unique adventures, from exploring creeks around Dunwoody to returning a lost ID to the Dunwoody Police Department or frequenting the local Dunkin Donuts location.

In May 2021, when Robin was injured and recovering in the hospital, Sadie drove with Caro- line to her high school graduation ceremony, proving that close friends are always there for you no matter what.

Sadie was predeceased by Bob “The BMW” Betz and Rhonda “The Honda” Betz in her final years.

She is survived by her large, living immediate family: Chris, Christy, Caroline, Zack, Chase, Theresa, Robin, Baby Bob, Thick Bob, Violet, Aubrey, Luke, Leia, Finn and Owen Betz.

Services to celebrate Sadie’s life and legacy will be held privately by her family in Dunwoody, Georgia. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations of motor oil be made to other cars who suffer from similar oil burning afflictions as Sadie during the final years of her life.