The best of the Institute

Photo courtesy of Blake Israel

Going into the end of the academic year, we on the Technique Editorial Board acknowledge that our consensus pieces veer on the more critical side, and we tend to be reproving of many issues that we discuss. However, as the semester comes to a close, we wish to highlight the strongest and most impactful aspect of our
campus: the students. 

This year, many new organizations arose and developed their niches on campus, expanding among the populace and making a notable impact. One great example of this is GT Creatives. 

The organization is geared towards the development of a collective of talented students to embrace creativity. At a school like Tech, with its STEM focus and diversity of interests, we lacked a space for students to engage in creative activities such as art, modeling or fashion. As an inclusive community filled with people of color from all majors, GT Creatives has filled this niche.

Another example of this is the Organization for Social Activism (OSA). Founded by a first-year who felt the campus lacked an organization with a focus on political activism, OSA has expanded incredibly. The turnout for the Stop Cop City protest on campus was immense. 

India Club and Pakistani Student Association’s joint Iftar event is another representation of community on campus. The event, celebrating Ramadan, allowed students to put their political differences aside and celebrate cultural holidays. The LGBTQIA Resource Center continues its impressive work in fostering a community of inclusivity and acceptance on campus. From hosting drag shows to events enabling discrete alternatives for students who are not publicly out, the center pushes for creating an environment where students can discuss their identities, mental health and experiences. 

SMILE also continues its far-reaching efforts to improve mental health on campus. The annual March Gladness events always function as a source of enjoyment for students. From fun activities, to free King of Pops, to the iconic free T-shirt, the events always envelope students in a shield of happiness from their stressors and work. 

SMILE’s collaboration with VOICE, the initiative focused on preventing sexual violence, has done important work in creating a more comfortable and safe space for people to discuss associated issues, experiences and their impacts. 

The rock painting to spread sexual assault awareness and Take Back the Night events are some ways their message has been reaching more and more students. Further, VOICE’s peer educators are just one example of VOICE’s many resources for victims and those who want to learn more about alleviating the issue. 

While the work of these student organizations is irreplaceable and necessary at a school like Tech, the responsibility to create a diverse, inclusive and accepting environment on campus should lie with the Institute’s administration. The weight of addressing issues like health and well-being should not fall only on the shoulders of student organizations.

Per the Technique canon, we encourage the Institute to do more to alleviate this burden from students. However, more importantly, we also wish to recognize those who have worked to make this campus into one we are proud to report on.