Crocs: the ultimate shoe?

Photo by Dani Sisson Student Publications

Shoes have been an article of clothing that hold both functionality and fashion. They are at times a part of someone’s identity (I am looking at you, sneakerheads). But when it comes to the best footwear, I can only think of the slightly goofy yet practical shoe: Crocs. 

Crocs are arguably the ultimate form of footwear due to their immense versatility and comfort. No matter the situation: walking to class, chilling at home, in the shower, or even at a party, Crocs are easily the best choice. So what makes Crocs the best?

First, the material is unbeatable. Crocs are made of rubber, so they are durable and waterproof. Thus, you can wear them to class on a rainy day without the worry of having soggy socks. Additionally, the built-in breathability of Crocs allows your feet to let go of the water they collected and also let air out. They are also lightweight, which makes them easy to walk around in all day without any discomfort. On top of this, crocs are super easy to clean without the use of a washer or dryer.

Another defining feature of Crocs is the hinged strap that can alter the performance level of the shoe, switching between comfort and sport modes. Comfort mode is when the strap is placed in the forward most position while sport mode is when the strap is placed to hug the heel of one’s foot, preventing the shoe from slipping off. The strap alone makes the shoe extremely versatile; it can perform as a comfortable rubber clog for more casual use, or something a little more active simply by moving it. By adding a pair of fuzzy socks, you can use your crocs as a winter shoe too, perfect for those random chilly Atlanta days in the middle of March.

Now that the sheer functionality of Crocs has been highlighted, it is time to take a deep dive into why Crocs could even be considered as a party shoe. To help understand, let’s set the scene: it is a Friday night and you have been invited to a fraternity party. You know no matter what you do when you walk out of there your shoes are going to be sticky from the various drinks that have been spilled on the floor. In fact, because of this, you have designated a separate pair of shoes to be the victim of all the mess, which remains dirty night after night because it’s too much of a hassle to clean them. When the party is over, and the shoes are sticky, a simple trip to the shower brings them back to their original condition in just a few minutes. No intricate stain fighting techniques needed, no constant scrubbing, no extra time or energy expended, just a shower with Crocs as your shower shoes. At any party, you do of course run the risk of having Four Loko spilled on your Crocs, but the ease to clean it off makes it all worth it.

Finally, if the practicality of wearing Crocs to a party just in general is not selling it then think of how great of a conversation starter Crocs are. Let us be honest. If anyone sees Crocs at a party, they are going to comment, whether that be to compliment or to question the choice. 

If it is  a compliment then it is easy to start a conversation and if it is a question, well now you have a list of reasons why Crocs are the best choice.