‘The Lion King’ parallels life

Photo courtesy of Rish Desai, Student Publications

Movies come and go but there are certain movies that share a story that can leave a meaningful impact for many years ahead.

One movie of this variety which has held an important place in many individuals’ childhood is “The Lion King.” This movie has drawn together a large impact today due to several parallels with what the events of the past year have brought which accumulate to tell an even greater lesson for society.

The first parallel begins when Simba sees the tragic events of his father being trampled by a herd of wildebeest. This event shakes up the world as he knows it and turns it upside down. In a similar manner, the novel coronavirus pandemic has been a negative event that has turned everyone’s lives upside down and forced us to constantly be adapting to life’s curveballs.

This idea leads right into the next parallel. After witnessing such events and being falsely told by his uncle, Scar, that he was the reason for Mufasa’s demise, Simba isolates himself from what his daily life looked like.

While the cause for society isolating themselves from their daily lives is different from Simba’s, they have both been driven towards isolation. The isolation in both periods forced a separation from the daily interactions and adventures. Despite the new advances in technology that have allowed us to be connected, everyone is longing for those face-to-face interactions with those bright smiles and endless laughs.

These parallels are a choice that we have. Adversity has hit each and every one of us and we all want to rise above with strength and courage to be the “Confident Lion” that Simba became.

To get this desired outcome, we must choose to have our actions portray the remaining parallels. What exactly were these remaining pieces that came together to bring out the fierceness king in Simba? During Simba’s time in isolation, he went from being at his lowest to reaching the top of his potential and this was attributed towards two ideas: his friends’, Timon and Pumba, and him reflecting on the past.

Timon and Pumba were there for Simba when he was down and at his lowest; they helped raise him back up to who he can become. Then, Rafiki came and taught him the final lesson of his time in isolation in perhaps the most meaningful and powerful quote of the movie.

“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it,” said Rafiki to Simba. This was the illuminating moment that brought Simba out of isolation.

It taught him to look closer within himself and see who he can truly become. He used his time in isolation to learn and reflect about himself.

Stories are not only written to entertain us but they are also told to teach us something. In a story filled with a multitude of relatable events to our present situations, we have the choice in front of us to emulate those lessons.

As we sit here today looking forward to tomorrow and envisioning the roaring lions we strive to be in our particular fields in this post-pandemic world, we must take a moment and look at what our yesterday has taught us.

We must dive deeper into our mistakes from yesterday and see how we can avoid them in our future endeavors. It’s important that we take the time to learn who we truly are because that is what can allow for the greatest growth.

Additionally, in these uncertain times, we must take each opportunity and see how we can raise each other up.

Be the one to bring out the positive bravery and courage from those around. When we bring these ideas together and come together as one, this is when the true magic shines bright.