U.S. senate endorsements for 2020 election

Photo courtesy of Journey Sherman

In this year’s election, I will be endorsing Reverend Raphael Warnock for U.S senate. Warnock is running to fill the seat republican, Johnny Isakson, left two years into his six year term. Warnock is going head to head for this seat against republicans Kelly Loeffler and Doug Collins.

Warnock is a liberal politician that will fight for Georgians and stand up against the addition of more right-wing policies in the state.

Growing up in a household with 11 brothers and sisters in a housing project, Warnock was forced to grow up faster than most. He made a name for himself in Atlanta from a young age and was heavily involved in his church.

He would go on to become a pastor at the same church, Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Martin Luther King Jr. was also a pastor. Warnock’s deep cultural connection to Atlanta and Georgia is one reason why I know he will put citizen’s best interest ahead of his own.

Warnock was not born with a silvers spoon in his mouth and will leave no citizens behind just because of their class status.

Warnock supports the notion that scientific findings should always outweigh any financial gain for himself. He is not a career politician that has chosen to put profit over people like his competitors.

More specifically, he wants to put more emphasis on mitigating climate change effects in Georgia’s underprivileged communities. He will better invest in infrastructure and make sure that in Georgia’s move to more sustainable practices, citizens will not suffer in the process.

More specifically, Warnock points out the upgrade in infrastructure needed in parts of his hometown, Savannah. This part of Georgia is extremely susceptible to extreme weather and will continue to be one of the most effected areas in Georgia as the climate crisis continues.

On the topic of healthcare, Warnock believes in fighting for affordable healthcare for all. He also wants to expand access to reproductive and mental health services.

Warnock has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro Choice America. Another huge reason I am endorsing him is his advocating for women to have the right to choose what they do with their bodies.

Warnock will fight for LGBTQ+ rights with emphasis on providing proper medical care and housing for this community.

Because a large percent of homelessness in Georgia are those that belong to the LGBTQ+, he sees great significance in providing gender inclusive housing and providing aid for LGBTQ+ youth. This is a huge issue across the state of Georgia that does not get the attention it deserves.

Rev. Raphael Warnock will move Georgia in the right direction and will best benefit the future of the state as a whole. He is a trojan horse for change and is extremely needed in this time in history.

When finding his name on the ballot it is going to be almost all the way at the bottom.

Because this counts as a jungle primary, where any party candidate can run for the position, the list is quite long. Finding his name is absolutely worth it though.

For all these reasons, Warnock is the best candidate for this U.S. senate seat. Although Warnock currently has a slight lead in Georgia, it is important to still get out and vote come election day Nov. 3.

Also, keep in mind that if no candidate gets a majority of the vote then there will be a runoff election.

This means that you must come back to the polls and vote again. Runoff elections are notoriously forgotten about.


In this upcoming election, many of my voting decisions have come down to the candidate’s position on climate change. And the climate policies of Republican Senator David Perdue and Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff could not be more different.

In 2017, Perdue was one of 22 Senators who sent a letter to President Trump stating “we strongly encourage you to make a clean break from the Paris Agreement” and encouraging him to continue working toward his “commitment to rescind the Clean Power Plan.”

On the other hand, Ossoff’s campaign website reads “I’ll push for America to immediately re-enter the Paris Climate Accord — and then to lead negotiation of an even more ambitious climate treaty.”

It also states, “I’ll work to reverse the Trump Administration’s rollbacks of clean air, clean water, and fuel economy standards — and then to strengthen them.”

In a year, when fires in California have reached a new record of 4 million acres, the Atlantic hurricane season has been called “hyperactive” with 25 named storms. Recently, summer temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere were considered to be the warmest summer on record.

Basically, it is hard to deny the threat of the changing climate. In the past, there were significant advancements in climate change policy including the Paris Climate Agreement which was signed in 2015 by nearly every nation to commit to keeping the global temperature rise under 2 degrees Celsius this century.

In a similarly historic manner, the Clean Power Plan was announced by former President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2015 to reduce carbon emissions from power plants.

It set the first-ever national standards that addressed carbon pollution from power plants. However, current politicians, such as Senator Perdue, have turned their backs on these significant advancements, regressing society to ignore our current problems and force us to inevitably face harsher consequences in the future.

Many scientists have stated we are running out of time to fix our climate before we reach tipping points and runaway effects threaten life as we know it.

Although, Ossoff will have the biggest impact only within the state of Georgia, sustainable practices have to start somewhere. I believe he will make good on his promises and is the best candidate from an environmental standpoint.

Honestly, I’m scared for our future environment if politicians like Senator Perdue are elected again which is why I endorse Jon Ossoff for Senate.