Changes announced for Bobby Dodd

Photo by Casey Gomez

Bobby Dodd renovations are being planned. Tech announced that the historic stadium will be undergoing many changes over the course of the next five years, including better seating for those with season tickets, improved season tickets in general, better signage around the stadium, improved wi-fi and connectivity and more water filling stations. This will be the first renovation of the space since 2003.

Bobby Dodd is the oldest continuously operated college football stadium in the States. As such, upkeep and progressive changes should be a common occurrence rather than a rarity in order to ensure that history is preserved. However, these renovations are welcome, especially because the issues they address have existed since 2003 when the stadium reopened.

The majority of seats are bleachers. For most Tech students, that is acceptable since they get in for free, and most are there to stand, cheer and show school spirit. Yet, the bleachers could be unappealing for other fans with season tickets. Seats that can be strapped to bleachers are available, but that only mitigates the issue. More drinking fountains are also an improvement, since dehydration is an issue in Atlanta’s fall heat.

However, other issues remain. Concession prices in the stadium continue their residence in the clouds. There will be more concession locations, but the overall experience will still be hurt by the fact that outside food is prohibited.

Tech’s statement was also unclear about where the funding for the changes to the stadium would be coming from so far. There may be more clarity soon to come, but as of yet the details are rather murky, not only in regards to the financial situation but to the actual specifics of the improvements to be made as well.

Ultimately, these changes — while long overdue — are certainly well received.