A glance at a world without gender

Photo by Casey Gomez

He, she, they, we, her, him, them, why?

Why does it matter so much? The onset of multiple gender identities has caused an onslaught of confusion and tension within people. People asking: What am I? Am I a girl? Am I a boy? Am I neither? Who am I? Does it even matter what you identify as? Thinking that you are a girl because you like makeup isn’t valid. Identifying as a female because you legitimately feel like you were born in the wrong body is sincere.

It should be made clear now that one should be whoever they want so long as it does not hurt anyone else.

Anyway, why does gender and its connotations still exist with such prominence in our society?

The rigorous existence of gender stereotypes and categories only inhibit us as a society and species. Pink is feminine; blue is masculine. Skirts are feminine; pants are masculine? Why? To what end?

What’s the difference between a girl sport and a boy sport? There is no difference besides one placed on us by our society. Dividing people due to personal preference in the name of gender divides us. In 2015, Target began to combine toys for girls and boys (because there is no difference besides personal preference), and the concept of toys being gender neutral shook some people to their core. And I do not understand their incomprehension.

The conflict between certain radical feminist groups and some transgender groups only reflect how far gender and its implications can serve to divide us.

Some radical feminist groups are unwilling to welcome people who identify as women because it is argued that they are only perpetuating female stereotypes, which is viewed as demeaning or backwards from what feminism stands for.

There would just be so much less confusion in terms of who we are as people and a society if we just got rid of or trivialized gender connotations.

Instead of being overly cautious about gender identity and sexuality, it would be so much easier to just not give a f*** and not let something like gender define so much about oneself and others.

There would just be so much less confusion in terms of who we identify as people and a society.

Strict gender roles isolate the human experience.

We would be so unburdened as a society with less strict gender associations. No longer would anyone’s work ethic or success be inhibited or propelled forward by the factor of gender and everything that comes with it.

People would be more able to express themselves through whatever clothing and makeup they so desired. Children would not be directed towards or away from certain behavior simply because of their gender. Girls would be free to play baseball and boys could play with dolls and it would all be normal and life would go on.

But alas, we do not live in such an idyllic world, where our level of accomplishment is only defined by our skills and interests. Can you even imagine? Actually, can you?

Or is the gender dichotomy too entrenched within your understanding of how the world works? If so, then this is an opportunity to learn of what the world could be without the confines of gender.